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Who should be the NT's left back?

  • Yigal Antebi

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Aduram Keisi

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Shuki Nagar

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Abed Rabah

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Left Back poll

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It is time for the selection of the left back to complete our NT's defence, the candidates are:

Yigal Antebi (Hapoel Tel Aviv)
Aduram Keisi (Maccabi Haifa)
Shuki Nagar (Hapoel Beer Sheva)
Abed Rabah (Hapoel Petah Tikva)
As for Amsalem, it doesn't seem that there's strong consensus for him to be on this list...
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My choice, of course, Yigal Antebi, being the best LB in the league even since joining Hapoel :)
Antebi hands down. Keisi is very stable too but I like Antebi much more. A friend who watched the Hapoel-Milan first leg said he reminds him of Jesuli from Celta Vigo.
I voted for Keisi. At the present, Antebi is not allowed to play for the national team. If that changes I will reconsider my vote.
Actually MM we are aware of it and as I told Yoav, Gavri Levy announced that had Nielsen asked to recruit Antebi he will be eligible to play for the NT. The reason is, this rule isn't written anywhere infact, although the FA did adopt him until today.
I think Antebi is the best Israeli DL right now.
It is not in choice but I want to vote for Najwan.
I like him. In the game which I saw, both an attack and defense were good.
However, it is this present, He is not the best.

If choosing from candidates , it is Igal.
Activity from a UEFA cup is well known.:)
How many caps does Antebi's got with the NT?
I've never seen him playing with them.
Howcome he has been left out in the past?
Tapie: Antebi has 0 caps for the National team and I will explain the reason here, as MM already mentioned.

There is some kind of a 50 year old rule in the Israeli FA saying a player who hasn't done his military service can't play for the National team. Antebi's case as well as others made the IFA boss Gavri Levy promise that should Nielsen want Antebi at the NT, he will make him eligible to play. The funny story is that this rule isn't really written anywhere in the IFA, they just know it exists. :D

OK Then, it seems as Antebi has won this poll, I will go set-up our next one; Defensive Midfielder.
So you're not gonna give it a week?
The poll was here for 13 days, pal....look at what date was your first post here:)
A week since the last vote. The last vote was yesterday or 2 days ago.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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