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Beleive it or not i'm still following them to their run through the Uefa and can't help to think that truly Roma deserved to be there.But what is done is done.
However,perhaps Leeds may wish it was us and not them.After losing two of their supporters in a clash before the game in Turkey and eventually losing the game 2-0,which controversly should not have been played.
We arrive today to England in a battle not a game.I watched the game and the intensity and emotion was unreal,it was a very wierd feeling that i can't really describe and it pierced my skin as i was watching this battle on the edge of my seat.The game was a tie 2-2 with Gala. going through on agregate,a game that saw two red cards and a ref who couldn't handle the close call.It even showed a player who was forgotten by me,
Georghe Hagi,who showed unbelievable class and skill and at the age of 35 still has it.
As it ended i thought what if Roma went through that losing 2 fans and the match,
i thought its not worth it even if we won the match and still lost 2 fans.
Cause even if it was perceived to be a battle,calcio is still in essence a game.

I watched this match, and it was a sad day for Soccer. To see the Turks diving, playing for fouls was terriable. After Kewell got sent of it was all over for Leeds. Being Australian myself i felt really sorry for him. I am a Liverpool/Roma support and to see Gala get into the final in this manner was not good.

If only we would of won in Rome against Leeds!

Forza Roma
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