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Leeds- Chelsea 0-1 :)
Ferrer Thome Lebouef Babayaro
Morris Wise DiMatteo
Sutton Weah

Flo, Deschamps, Desailly, Petrescu wasn't even on the bench and Poyet is still somewhere in South America playing for Urugay.
Well, Leeds -Chelsea games are always been quite violent, always lots of yellow cars and Lebouef has send off twice before (yep, it's not a very good idea to walk over Kewell :)), but this time it was pretty civil. Frank of course got "boo" every time he touched the ball. You can say, that Leeds dominated, except at the beginning of both halfs, but our defense was very good, Lebouf was almost perfect, he didn't argue with anybody and played very clean (is this the right word? sorry for my english) DeGoey made some good saves, but he didn't have much work to do. But as usual, forwardline was a very weak point for us, Sutton played in deep midfield and Weah was forced to play alone. He was pretty good, fighting with 2-3 defenders, he got 3 very good chance, but missed them all. Sutton almost scored!!! and he also gave this perfect goal pass to Harley. This was Harley's second goal for Chelsea and boy, what a important goal this was. After goal Leeds kinda broke, they lost their temper and started to make lots of fouls. The game ended 10 minute later than other games, and belive me, it were a very long 10 minutes for a fan, I was curseing and peggying the ref for ending the game.
And for the last, mu underdog Derby also won. :)
Now I gotta find out from where can I see Chelsea- Barca game, my tv guides are bl... useless. :(
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