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Lazio's jersey next season...

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I guess you already know how it looks but what the hell...

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Thanks ,I did not know Where to look for it.
It's so pretty i would like to buy it but how does it cost?
Thanks, Amo! I've been searching all over for it!
Looking good, as always!
I guess the usual price, Lochness... 120.000 Italian Lire.
It's not much different than last year. I have just bought my latest Lazioshirt at the Laziofan-store in Rome.

It is the new black one (The one Boksic complained about....:)), and I think it looks really cool!!
Thanks Amo....
But where´s the collar ?
I just think there has to be a collar on the jersey !!!

Forza Lazio !!
Isnt Siemens the new Lazio sponsor?
i think itts cool but i miss the collar.

Yeah, where is Siemens?????
Thanks AMO, and no, we didn't know where to find one ;)
I think it's very nice, but i loved that Centenary one better :p

And where the ******** is Siemens :):)
About the collar: how Sinisha will do without his beloved collar lifted? Will he do an Alen Boksic and refuse to play because the new shirt has no collar? And will his legendary free kicks be affected in any way by that dramatic lack of collar?

About the sponsor: yeah, where's Siemens? After all they have paid a wee bit of money for that beloved word of their own to appear on the shirt of the Champions of Italy as well as the Coppa Italia winners. Also in the Mattias' site I have seen the new goalkeeper shirt worn by Angelo Peruzzi and there was Siemens as sponsor.

But above all, WHERE IS THE SCUDETTO??? On the Peruzzi shirt the scudetto was on the right, no way man, it must be on the left, it must be where heart is. I mean we have fought like madmen to win it, and then...

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It looks really good but I think that Siemens will replace Cirio and that Lazio will keep playing with the white jerseys until January 2001. Because the centanary jersey was supposed to be weared for one whole year !


I prefer Champion to Puma though

I prefer NIKE. And besides, will you change your name if Salas goes to Parma???
I prefer adidas, because I work there.
Does someone know where I can buy the new shirts on internet?
Why would you buy it on the Internet if these shirts will probably be available in The Netherlands soon? I'm sure 'Coach' will sell them!
Anyways, you'll probably be able to get one at Subside Sports and/or Calciomania (you can find both of them at Laziomania).
If you want I can buy one for you at Lazio point in two weeks...
Lazia, maybe you should buy me new Lazio one :p
Well Lazia....
I need a big flag, a big poster of the team, a new shirt, one of these ties...... :)

Great for you !!!!

Puma is the brand by the way !!

Forever Lazio !!!!
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