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Two times this year Lazio has been in very bad form, with many protests from the fans, the president threatening to quit, many players told that they are not performing and may be on the way out etc.

The first run of bad form was at the start of the year. Lazio started the season with 3 draws against Piacenza, Perugia, and Torino, on what on paper should have been 3 wins. Then the loss against Milan in the San Siro, and the pressure mounted more. Mendieta, Fiore, and most of the team were criticsed for having no heart.

Then Lazio's first win came, a 2-0 home victory against Atalanta, not the best of wins, but still a win, and the season was finally off. The next week it didn't pan out so well either, with a 0-0 draw at Venezia in what was another game Lazio should have won.

Then, the derby, the 2-0 defeat by Roma, in what did not go down well with the fans or the president. Lazio's record from the first 8 games was 1-5-2, the club was in a mini crisis. What could Lazio do to get out of it?

The week after the derby came the home game against an in form Brescia. This was a chance to turn Lazio's season around, beating a good Brescia side would be great to the morale of everyone associated with the Eagle.

What happened on that day? Lazio romped home to a stunning 5-0 win, Crespo got a hat-trick, with Inzaghi and Stankovic also getting goals. That was the win Lazio needed to get their season back on track, the fans went home happy. Lazio's record was 2-5-2.

Was this the turning point? That was the start of a 5 match winning streak for Lazio in the Serie A, in which they also won 2 Coppa Italia games. So 7 wins in a row. Some of those wins included a marvellous 1-0 win over Juventus at home and a sensational 4-1 win away at Udinese.

Lazio extended their record to 6-6-2, before a very disappointing 3-1 loss at Verona, which started another mini crisis for the Eagle. Following the Verona match, Lazio had a home game against Bologna, a game that it was expected to win again, but they blow a 2-0 lead to let Bologna leave Olimpico with a point. A very disappointing result that left the fans minds in doubt again.

After Christmas a 0-0 draw at Inter was a great result, but it still left Lazio in about 7th spot and quite a way from the leaders Roma.

Enter the Coppa Italia. Lazio had been drawn with Milan in the Quarter Finals, a very tough match. The first leg at the San Siro, Lazio played very well, but was unlucky to lose to a 92nd minute Javi Moreno free kick.

The game away against Piacenza was again, expected to be a win for Lazio, but again, they stumbled to a 1-0 loss, Dario Hubner scoring after 70 mins. But that was only an entree of what was to happen on Tuesday night in the 2nd leg against Milan.

Lazio went into the 2nd leg with a crucial away goal. Milan raced to a 3-1 lead early in the second half, and the damage was done. The fans had vacated Olimpico after 30 mins, which left probably less than 10,000 people in the stadium.

The protests from the fans are once again at boiling point, and once again, the president threatens to resign and begin his exodus of Lazio's underachieving stars.

Enter the home game against Perugia. Lazio had drawn 0-0 with Perugia in the second game of the season, and a win was a must, otherwise the fans patience would wear as thin as man could imagine.

What happens in this match? Another 5-0 romp for Lazio. 5 different players get on the scoresheet. Inzaghi, Lopez, Fiore, Stankovic and Negro.

Fiore and Negro 2 players who are on the possible exodus list, score 2 importnt goals, and they celebrate as much as they possibly can.

So the pressure is relieved temporarily. 35,000 fans go home very happy. The protests die down, Lazio has won their 7th game of the season to take it's record to 7-7-4. Still someway behind leaders Inter, but the first step to recovery.

So, at the start of the season, Lazio was on the ropes, the home game against Brescia comes, and they romp 5-0. They continue from that match with a 7 game winning streak which gets them back on track.

Will the same happen after yesterday's 5-0 romp of Perugia?

You tell us Lazio
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