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lazio vs feyenord

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this game to chelsea is probably more important than chelsea marseille
if lazio loose against feyenord it will almost certinally mean that either chelsea or lazio will have to miss out on the next phase

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Sorry Lazio and Feyenoord fans for this misleading titel, but this is Chelsea forum and no game comment for you.
Chelsea- Marseille 1-0
De Goey, Ferrer, Leboeuf, Desailly, Baba,Morris, Deschamps( Di Matteo) Wise, Poyet,Flo, Zola (Harley) That's right, no Sutton nor Petrescu, but I don't know what have happend to super- Dan, I watched the game in pub and unfortunately did not hear any comment.
First half, not bad, Wise scored. Second half, nightmare, since Marseille had nothing to lose, they became very agressive and attacked continuosly. Flo and Zola were forced to play in deep midfield. I have showed my negative opinion about De Goey and Leboeuf several times before, but this time they were solid and great. Desailly on other hand, looked bad, ok finally they all looked like bunch of shcoolboys, but we got three points. And sure, I am extra glad that Lazio- Feyenoord tied ( both got only one point) and I'll be extra extra glad, when Lazio drop out.
Eh, forget what I said yesterday's morning, after last humilation night I am now officially Lazio supporter.
and why is that?
I support Fiorentina too tonight and I was for Inter & Juve last season against ManU, basically I support any Italian team in Europe.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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