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Lazio - Veron !!! Simeone Scores !!!!

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I was sitting cursing the refs when Simeone showed that it doesn´t matter how many stupid offside calls they fabricate we are going to win today !!!!!

Look at Verons passes !!! THEY ARE AMAZING !!! 35 - 50 meters and always spot on .. it´s amazing.

Nedved is so far the best Lazio player on the field today and I wonder if he´s not the best Lazio player of the season !! HE HAS MORE HEART THEN ANY OTHER PLAYER TODAY !!

Also watch out for the refs .. we have been cheated on atleast 4 wrong offsides so far and Nedved was about to break free with no one else infront of him but the goalie when he was brought down and not even a yellow ??!??!!

Forza Lazio !!!
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yeah Svennis, the offsides...

As the offside drama is going on since years, I wonder when SvenGo will start to improve on that matter in Formello. And that is because apart from the many false offside decisions (tight ones among them), we also have a LOT of correct offside calls against us. With Lopez upfront next year, I see a offside furioso in every game. That can absolutely decide games. We have to find a solution in Formello, it's just too stupid to get whsitled back over and over again !
Ya but all te refs have to do is get 50-60% of the calls right and there wouldn't be any problems!!!!Anyways we have to keep believing and be stronger than everything and EVERYONE, just like today!!!!


when was the last time an italian scored for lazio?? or should i say, when was the last time a non-eu didn't score for lazio?? take off all those foreign(non-eu) players and lazio is just a team like udinese/bologna.

Veron is surely the best in his post all over the world , and I think that lazio force is in the midfield ; all the players are great : Nedved , sergio conceicao , almeyda, simeone ... and also Nesta in the defense nobady can comparate with him
Yuan when was the last time Juventus had an italian midfielder that was worth talking about ?? Simone scored today and last time I checked he was italian.

I couldn´t care less if Elvis scored but facts remain - Juventus are looking for new forwards because chubby can´t score and Inzaghi can not create a goal on his own ( that´s both Inzaghis :) ).

Forza Lazio !!
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