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... but we are talking about 1914/15 :poke:

Lazio Campione d'Italia 1915: dopo un secolo,

"The first scudetto of Lotito's era might come in August: [...]. It's the scudetto for the season 1914-1915, right now awarded to Genoa and contested by a petition of more than 30,000 supporters of Lazio.

History — Ithe 1914-1915 championship was interrupted because of the war (WW1) before the final between the winners of the Northern group, Genoa, and the winner of the Central-southern league, Lazio*. [...]. After the WW1** the FIGC gave the scudetto to Genoa with a pretty debatable motivation: Genoa were the better team. Clearly not a good reason [...]

The last word on the matter will be pronounced by the federal board on August 4.

source gazzetta.it

*Lazio actually were just leading the Central Italy group, while in the Southern Italy group there was a bit of a mess.
Tavecchio talks about "heavy omissions" when commenting the awarding of the scudetto to Genoa, but the first omission is forgetting that Lazio had yet to face the champion of southern Italy (which had not known yet!).

** actually just in 1921

The funny thing is that Genoa, who would not lose the scudetto as it would be an ex-aequo, are also asking for one scudetto, the one of the season 1924/1925, which was heavily influenced by the powerful Leandro Arpinati according to sources and won by Bologna.
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