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Lazio - Reggina

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Serie A Week 25 - 27/2/08 (19.30 UK)
Lazio - Reggina

Stadio Olimpico

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Considering that our trequartista has been invisible over the last few weeks, it's time for a tactical change. Move Pandev to the left, Rocchi to the right and play Bianchi in the center of a 4-3-3 formation.

Pandev -- Bianchi -- Rocchi

Mudingayi -- Ledesma -- Dabo

Kolarov -- Cribari -- Siviglia -- De Silvestri

Looks like Meghni will start today...I'm looking forward to seeing him, although he's not bound to be in full form yet. Also, Rossi seems to prefer Radu to Kolarov on the left side. I don't see the point in that at home against Reggina...

Probably the rationale is the fact that Radu doesn't need five touches to stop and control the ball unlike Kolarov and his ratio of shots from 30+ metres to crosses will be much lower than Kolarov's. :) That said, I really wouldn't mind Radu as CB and Kolarov LB, we need to come up with an opening goal from somewhere and the way we have been playing it will either come from a set piece or not come at all.
I wouldn't be suprised of Makinwa scores his first goal of the season agaisnt us.
All of our matches recently have been "must win" and we've still managed to throw away the points, but anything less than the full three tonight should be unacceptable.

The next few rounds are tricky road trips to Milan, Udine & Florence with the derby thrown in for good measure. The month of March will likely decide if the end of our campaign is comfortably safe or a relegation battle.

Forza LAZIO!
Anomander Rake said:
Probably the rationale is the fact that Radu doesn't need five touches to stop and control the ball unlike Kolarov and his ratio of shots from 30+ metres to crosses will be much lower than Kolarov's. :)
Boy, were you ever quick to change your opinion on Kolarov! :)

I'm pretty confident about tonight's match...we have won two in a row at home, and Reggina with Ulivieri is not bound to cause us much trouble in defense. Getting the first goal will probably be huge struggle, but with their keeper and defense I can see it happening in the first half...

Completely agree with romansky, this game is the last one before a very rough patch. Must-win, no less.

I am not saying Kolarov always miscontrols the ball or something but after the last game it's possible Rossi wants to make it clear to him that such performances won't be tolerated...although if he does the same with other players we wil lhave to use the primavera team tonight. :D
Rocchi, Kolarov and Mauri are on the bench tonight according to gazzetta dello sport's latest lineups, now is the time for Biachi to show if he is worth something. Reggina are without Amoruso and Modesto and are rather tragic away from home anyway, if we don't win tonight we will surely fight relegation until the last rounds.
75% possession of the ball for us thus far apparently but no chances created, why am I not surprised?
Bianchi from a PENALTY ;)

I knew that we were going to score after a set piece - Bianchi from the penalty spot! Maybe the refs decided Reggina got a lot of help against rube and it's pay time now? :D

Now let's don't sit back & defend the lead.
A big cheer from the Olimpico crowd for Inter's equaliser against riomma :D
Any idea why Rozehnal is not playing at all?
He's not a starter...

And we held the 1-0. Scrappy as hell, but apparently Reggina didn't really create anything, either. Three points is all that means anything now.
Yes, the three points are the only thing that matters right now. But we are still perilously close to the drop zone and we have to start taking some points from the best teams if we don't want to be in it or right on its edge after a month. The good news is we have conceded only three goals in the last six games, now if we can figure out a way to attack without penalties or free kicks we will be fine. :D
Milan on Saturday will give us nothing, but next week we should get three points against Livorno. +6 now, should be at least that after the Livorno game. Then a tough five game stretch that could even mean zero points for us...the rest of the season in manageable, but could be gruelling if we're deep into relegation battle.

Conclusion: you're absolutely right, we must get something from the bigger teams.
How did the team play?
We didn't play well, with Meghni just returning and playing nearly an hour it was going to be uncertain, a lot of possession & not many chances. Still a hard fought & crucial result, like last season we grinded it out!

I agree with others here that perhaps a 4-3-3 is in order, better to use the talent up front than pretend we can play with a trequartista.
Well, at least we got the victory. But it wasn't a very inspiring performance. Indeed, I hope to see us switch to a different formation as our current one simply isn't working.
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