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Lazio - Reggina What to say?

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On sunday Lazio will play whit the worst
defence this year.
This is not good.
But, we are good team and we will win.
What do you think??
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the midfield will back up the defence... thats the best part of the team!! :)

we'll win the game no doubt!!
not sure about the league now!!:)
put Almeyda as the defensive midfielder .... that's enough cover
If I am not totally wrong, the defence against roma in the latest derby was made by Gottardi-*****-Couto-Pancaro !

Tell me if you were not happy with the performance in that game…. :(

Forza Lazio
i have seen worse this season
lombardo mihajlovic favalli

this was in copa italia though :) :)
we only conceded 1 goal i thinlk but against Ravenna Serie b team

I think this defence will do well enough..
but im glad we didnt have 1 more injurie because then we would have to use a mid for defence

the midfield will probably be mancini (good to let him start his last game :) :) :)) on the right simione def mid veron centre mid and nedved left mid

i really hope that salas and inzaghi start in the attack!!

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Defense? What are you talking about?? This is our last chance
at the championship we should focus on ATTACKING!!

We have to WIN this one, guys!! If we don't get those 3 points,
Juve will have won... regardless of how their match against
Perugia turns out.
This is must win situation for Lazio, i'm sure they'll win this game, our defense is not that bad, with Couto-*****-Gottardi-Favalli, we have to be carefull with Pirlo, Kallon and BARONIO, we should get him back.
Never underestimates the opponents, Roma-Reggina 0-2 :)

Forza Lazio
Why are we playing with this team??? Are Nesta and Miha injured/suspended?
yep miha is injured and nesta is suspended!!
pancaro should be back for the game so the defence will be alright
Pancaro ***** couto favalli

and i think salas and inzaghi will kill em!!!

Although I'd really love us to win, I won't say that we'll definitely win for nothing is 100%. And to say that we'll definitely win is taking it for granted; underestimating the opponents is very dangerous!
Today all eyes will be focused on Perugia-Juve game. My hope is that, it doesn't mean that people won't be so attentive to our game because who knows, if anything fishy is about to happen, it might just happen in Rome? I mean, once Lazio don't win, Juve will be champs. Some people believe in 'playing safe', right?
So my hope is that the close scrutiny will be for these 2 games!

Forza Lazio
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