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Lazio-politics vs. Barca-politics

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Ok , if you want to prevent the argantinians from playing to lazio ,, or even reduce them ... who will you prevent ?

Veron ?! or Lopez ?
Alamyda is out and so is sensine (old)
and you must know that argantinian players at lazio are in the bench (Simeone + Sensine + Alamyda)
Van gal play more than 10 dutches in Barc. more than 6 are starters

Van gal is a dutch and brought dutches Eriksson is not an argantines

Also Argantinians players nowadays are the best players ever ,, and all of them succeed in the italian leage

only Lazio + Argantine ....
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I know this won't be very popular but anyway.

Everybody hated van Gaal for what he did to Barca by bringing so many dutch players into the team. But aren't Eriksson and Cragnotti doing the same thing by bringing so many argentinians into the team? I know dutch and argentinians don't play the same kind of football, the argentinians play a lot better, but the POLITIC is the same, isn't it? I have to agree with ***** in the news: too many foreingers, though they are the best in the world. Any comments?

Forza Lazio
i looked at your post and i laughed . why ?
because :
alamyda ?? who the fu** is that ?? I think you have ALMEYDA in ur mind
sensine ??? who is this ??? did u mean Sensini ?
i think you always write SIMIONE. Well it's not SIMIONE but Simeone.

i just had to say it.
no hard feelings guys :) :)

FORZA CLAUDIO 7 - his nr. in LAZIO = 10
Totally disagree with ***** .. what does he mean ??? I guess it´s all bitterness since he hasn´t gotten the contract he want´s yet.

Lazio should have Simone in the national aswell but because Juves drugaddicted brother is in favour instead I guess Simone is out of it. How anyone could chose Pippo over Simone at this stage is beyond me ?!?! I mean all praise to Pippo but right now he isn´t in the best of shape is he ??

The same story with Maldini ?? he suckx and Pancaro had an amazing season so where is Pancaro ??

***** is very versatile and he should be used instead of Maldini but noooooooooooo...

Because Zoff uses 3 men in defense ?? why when Azzuri doesn´t have 5 midfielders of class !!!

It´s simple here´s azzuri to me.

***** - Nesta - Cannavaro - Pancaro

Zambrotta - Totti - Ambrosini - Pesotto

Montella - Delvecchio

Totti should have a role that allows him to go everywhere on the midfield.

I have nothing against any of the players left out but if you look at the season then Maldini has been standard and Conte is only stable not creative.

Montella / S Inzaghi no difference.
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Nope, Laziali, I don't think so.

Van Gaal brought Dutch players into Barca to kick some seriously good Spanish players out of the team. Eriksson brought Argentinian players to replace some players (Italians and non-Italians) who just weren't as good as those Argentinians (except for, well, Signori).

One more thing : van Gaal is so damn arrogant, while Ericsson isn't.
I totally agree with you svennis, Italian national do need Pancaro. He did his best for Lazio this season.
I'd go with:
--------------- Toldo -------------

*****-- Cannavaro - Nesta - Pancaro

----- - Ambrosini - Fiore ---------


------- Montella -- Del Piero -----

Forza Azzuri
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Hi guys :) As for Laziali thought I'd say that any way Ericsson's politics of bringing foreigners into the team is not so bad so far and it didn't suck this season , though certainly it's still highly desirable to freshen the team with Italian players...As for me I wonder why Pancaro and Simone are not in the National ?!! I think Simone did a lot well for our team especially in the second half of the season.

Any way I see the National line-up like that :

------------ Toldo ------------




P.S. : it's a great pity that we won't see Bobo in the team...

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I am a Barca fan, and was more than happy to see Van Gaal leave. Not merely because of lack of success this year, but we did lose our identity. I feel that it is not the same in Lazio. Not to speak bad about your team, but i feel that most of you do not see Lazio as a representation of yourself and as a matter of pride beyond mere results. I believe that the absolute most important for you is results which is fine, but we have a different attitude towards it all. I guess that is why we are the only true club left in the top of world football. Also, I don't know much about your youth system or if you even have one, but we have a highly successful system that has brought players in such as Xavi, Guardiola, Arnau, Puyol, Gabri and continues to bring very very good players such as Nano, Mario, etc. who don't get a chance because of too many foreigners who don't do anything special. Because of this we have sold players such as Ferrer, Amor, Gerard, De la Pena, when they were just as capable as the others. I guess if you don't have quality players coming through your system then you have to go get players wherever they are from to do the job and win the titles.
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its true that Eriksson is not argentinian... however laziali is rite in one way or another....too many players from one country is totaly bad for lazio...its true that all of them are stars and its true that they're doiing good for lazio...but on the other hand..they cause so much of problems...
laziali i really agree with you..and im sure that if Eriksson and Cragnotti continued this way...lazio will be harmed
If you include Pancaro then why let Fuser out? Come on people,Maldini not a start at Italy? he is miles ahead of Pancaro...

Montella-Del Piero

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
He is better then juliano!!!And maldini wasnt that great this year.

Pancaro is da man!!!

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