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Lazio Mania

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I would like to say thanks to Mattias , the starter of Lazio mania Homepage and the owner of it. If there wasn't that page i wouldn't seen all that lazio goals, i wouldn't get any information and most of all, I would'n get any new friends as i did now ;) Thank you Mattias and keep up the good work :) Hope someday i will be your CO asistant by page ;)
Thanks again ...

SOLO E LAZIOMANIA - the best lazio site ever

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[This message has been edited by sslazio11 (edited 22-05-2000).]
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I think we should give Mattias something that makes him work and happy as well .....

And Mattias, do you have Lazio-Bologna (friendly) goals ???? I really want to see Salas and Rava scored those goals !!!

Because as you see, both of them too many missed best chances (esp. Salas :) :) :) :))
Lazindo, the goals from Lazio-Bologna are not available :(
Sorry ….


bravo mattias, bravo lazio, mattias dont forget about the chatting of lazio fans, we need to chatting together!!!!!!!

1st lazio
My user name still works...

what chatting??!
can i join you guys??! ;)
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