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Lazio - Lokomotiv Moscow

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With heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures in Moscow, the conditions are perfect for more injuries. Look for Sarri to play a still recovering Immobile and stubbornly refuse to rotate any of his regulars.

The only good thing that can possibly come out of this encounter is a heavy defeat, which will end our European adventure after just one more match. 馃檹
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Today I discovered that Singapore actually has quite a large number of Lazio fans. Although I suspect it's because they mistakenly thought the club was called Lahzio. :whistle:
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Lazio get a nice win in Moscow and are through to the knockout stages with a match to spare. Sorry Boyo, I guess...

Winning EL would be nicer than finishing 4th in Serie A and I do think you have a chance so why not try...
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Oh for **** sake, we actually won. 馃が

Now there are another two matches at minimum and with both encounters that sack of shit will no doubt expect his players to put it top performances, increasing the likelihood of injury even more. And all that at the expense of the Serie A. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

They might as well chalk up a loss to napoli on the weekend. :rolleyes: Can't wait for the injury reports to come in later today. :cautious:
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it's funny to see your frustration boyo, and I understand it because of some of the injury issues Lazio has had. As a neutral(ish) fan of Italian calcio, it's nice to see a club not getting embarassed in Europe and producing convincing and commendable wins in hostile territory. Strangely that has been coming from Lazio this year.
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