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Lazio - Lecce

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Serie A Week 15 - 11/12/04 (20.30)
Lazio - Lecce

Stadio Olimpico


The axe is hanging over Mimmo Caso’s neck and it could be a former Lazio Coach who finally brings it down on the beleaguered boss.

Despite leading at the Stadio Delle Alpi, the 2-1 loss to Juventus proved to be the Biancocelesti’s third defeat in four Serie A games. Matched with the early UEFA Cup exit and some increasingly erratic performances, it doesn’t look good for Caso.

The Capital club is just four points above the relegation zone and languishing on level terms with Livorno and Reggina, so an important result is needed to prevent the situation degenerating further. They are not helped by news that Fernando Couto is suspended, while Luciano Zauri and Paolo ***** are injured, so summer signings Jose Talamonti and Oscar Lopez will man the fort. Goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi’s ban has expired, but Matteo Sereni might have done enough to keep his place.

Lecce twice fought back to beat Livorno 3-2 last Sunday in their first win in six games, but it only served to highlight what makes Zeman’s side so very entertaining for the neutral. An all-attack approach has seen them score 27 goals and concede 23, so any result is possible with Lecce and Lazio facing each other. The one hiccup might be the Salentini’s away record with just one win so far at Messina. Zeman had the most successful spell of his Serie A career with Lazio, finishing second and third before he was replaced in 1996-97.


Lazio (probable): Peruzzi; Oddo, Talamonti, Siviglia, Lopez; Giannichedda, Dabo; A Filippini, Pandev, Rocchi; Muzzi

Lecce (probable): Sicignano; Cassetti, Diamoutene, Stovini, Rullo; Giacomazzi, Ledesma, Dalla Bona; Bojinov, Bjelanovic, Pinardi

Ref: To follow...

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Why the coach insist on not using Di Canio in the league games when he always perform better than Inzagi and Muzzi?
Di Canio is a very dominant person, so it could be Caso feels overshadowed by him and as a result doesn't field him as much as otherwise would be the case. But now there is a strong call by the supporters to play Di Canio in the match against Lecce, however with Pandev and Rocchi also in great form, he could be played on the wing where he usually doesn't do so well. Either that or Caso will resort to his favored 4-2-3-1 formation, which never gets us a good result btw.
Lazio tifosi demand Di Canio start

All the tifosi head to Formello after it has been re-opened. The fans will cheer for the squad showing their affection for the players before the game against Lecce. The appointment is fixed at 16:00 just before training.

Meanwhile the pressure on Caso continues. Tomorrow the tifosi want to see Di Canio starting the match. This will surely cause a dilemma for Caso who also cannot exclude Pandev after his recent performances, thus the starting of Di Canio will be on the expense of Cesar.

Siviglia is injured just as ***** while Couto is disqualified. Talamonti and Lequi are expected to start int he center, with Oddo and Lopez on the flanks. The midfield will see Dabo and Giannichedda while Rocchi is the favorite as the lone striker. Caso then has a tough choice to make: Pandev, Cesar, A. Fillipini, Di Canio have to occupy the remaining three places.

(Corriere della Sera)
I'd rather see Di Canio starting than Cesar who is dreadful form (personal problems apparently). Pandev-Rocchi-Di Canio could be the answet to our attacking troubles. No wingers preferraby but DI Canio as a trequartista behind Pandev, Rocchi. I expect a high scoring game with probably a lot of goals in our net but I hope I am wrong about that. :)
I hope Cesar plays. I know his form isn't the best, but without him and with Oscar Lopez on the left-back, our left-side will be a joke.
Lazio has to win this game im hoping for a 2-0 win with Pandev getting another goal.
why dunt pandev and cesar plays on the wings leaving dicanio and rocchi start upfront ....thats better isnt it ?
Because Caso loves to play A. Fillipni on the right wing and with Oddo's disatrous form he might have a point.
If Cesar has sorted out his personal problems he should play, if not I prefer him to be rested.
I think Cesar needs a change of scenery, a move to inter would favour greatly this young and talented player, he should sit out this games and others untill negotiations beging in the winter market. He knows Mancio will be there for him, offering a shoulder to cry on. I´m sure the atmosphere at inter will help him better cope with his personal problems.
awefull blunder by peruzzi,, 1-0 to lecce.

35' mins now,, Babu scored.
What the **** are lazio coach doing?? Canio is 38 years old and can not move a feet on the pitch!!! have him on the team is like to play with 10 man all the time.. he just want to get the kick :frustrat:
76' Lazio 2 - 2 Lecce

di canio from the spot kick :D (pen)
babo scores his 2nd ;)

80' Lazio 2 - 3 Lecce

what a match

Di canio scores a brilliant shot.
Fantastic match :thmbup:
What the **** are lazio coach doing?? Canio is 38 years old and can not move a feet on the pitch!!! have him on the team is like to play with 10 man all the time.. he just want to get the kick :frustrat:
Di Canio MOM :D Very entertaining game.
wouldn't you say that Paparesta decided the game when he invented a freekick to deny Bojinov his second goal? I saw the replays and everything and it was a sure goal, would have meant 3-0 and possible a good night call for Lazio.
Entertaining match! Good thrills all around!
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