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I have to explain the sad face, we owned the game and should have won it 3 - 1 or more but it was not to be.

Lazio: 1st half we looked like a team playing a friendlies game and the goal Inter made was just so bad defending from our side I was appaled. We had the game and Inter sometimes came back with a small counter attack but had only 1 single chance in the entire first half and that resulted in a goal. Bravo Muto for the cross and a chip in from Seedorf but Gottardi needs a slap on the wrist so does Couto and Mihajlovic for some very bad defending on the goal.

Nedved scored the equiliser and it was just a matter of time and not once during the game did I feel inter could win this.

Baggio was doing nothing for Inter and no other Inter midfielder could cause us any trouble, oh .. I almost forgot Zanetti :) you have to love this player.

Seedorf needs a compass and I can not give him a good grade even though he scored Inters goal. He is so far away from being a good playmaker it´s scary - he´s confused and has no plan once he get´s the ball. At one point Inter had a good chance of counter attacking and Seedorf turns around showing us the completeness of his confusion and passes backwards - thank you Seedorf.

Stankovic continues to dissapoint but he did have an excellent shot on goal from close but not his season - ok he looked a bit better but ... no changed my mind, he still sucked.

Second half: Stankovic was subbed for Mancini and it was a good substitution because now we got leadership. In the first half the leader on the field was Mihajlovic - this was a great game from him and he really shone today. In second half Mihajlovic kept playing great and Mancini could take control of the midfield - I´m not saying he won balls or anything like that but we looked like we had a plan.

Ronaldo was injured and that was sub nr 3 for lippi. Needless to say we took over the game and should have won it bigtime = the sad face is for a 3 - 1 win which would have been fair. Zamorano had a great shot on goal that was inters second chance and that was also their last chance.

Simeone scored of a Miha freekick and we really should have scored more. We won corners with 12 - 2 and overall domination was apparent.

Notes: Is it Laurent Blanc or Laurent the Butcher ??? The ref was obviously blind to the ways of Laurent the Butcher because he should have had a handfull of yellows. He pulled down Simone Inzaghi in the box 2 meters from the goalie ?? what was that, he pulled down Simone and then he kicked him in the belly ?? what was that, He was saved Inter from a 3 - 1 goal but he did it at the expense of alot of Lazio bruises.

Notes 2: Great game Conceciao :) I´m happy to say that Conceciao looked to be in perfect shape for this game and had no problems serving us with cross after cross .. bravo :)

Notes 3: NEDVED !! 7.5 what can I say about Nedved - he is simply the best left wing in italy.

How they played:

Balotta: 6 - should have acted more on the first goal but after the wake up call he was steady as a rock.

Pancaro: 6.5 - Wasted some great crosses but he played really solid and he had to go up against the best Inter player of the day.

*****: 8 - ***** was great, he scored twice .. hmm he was on the bench and did not play :) Kidding.

Gottardi: 5.5 - Captain of the day and ok game from him. It was great that we could rest ***** but Gottardi isn´t playing like he did in the middle of the season.

Mihajlovic: 7 - BRAVO !! Miha obviously reads the Lazio forum since he takes up on some of the critizism. I haven´t seen Miha this determinated in awhile and he is turning out to be a real leader - on midfield :) Honestly guys I can´t give him a better compliment then that. If Miha was just a bit faster and just a bit better at dribbling then Veron could take a vacation. Excellent heading and some great interceptions makes this the best game Miha has played since he bombarded Chelsea :)

Couto: 6 - Say what you want about Couto but we have conceeded less goals in the leauge and ( some ) champions leauge games since he took over from Nesta. Oh Cragnotti this doesn´t mean you can sell Nesta. King of the Airial no one is better at heading then Couto. He butchered his way through the opponents like he was trying to compete with Laurent the Butcher - he lost that battle but won the more important one.

Conceciao: 7 - I´m sure Gazzetta won´t agree with me but If Conceciao had a head to aim for like Beckham and Helveg ( with udinese ) then the press would give him big flowers for those crosses. Great dribbling and what a speedy fella we have here :) .. I can imagine how it will look when Nedved - Lopez - Simone and Conceciao will run through the opponents next season :) Zooooooooooooooommmmm !!!

Simeone: 6 - scored a great goal but other then that you could tell the fella has played some games ( and to think he almost didn´t play at all the first half of the season ). Simeone is a great defending midfielder and he is also quit fast. Still didn´t create much and that´s important.

Sensini: 6.5 - Great shot :) Did you guys see Sensinis rocket !! Peruzzi did well to save that shot. Sensini is a great, superb defensiv midfielder and I will be damned if Lazio won´t keep him for one more season. Great job shutting down the Inter midfield and also some good passes and didn´t he dribble at one point :).

Nedved: 7.5 - Lazio player of the day. Speedier then all other players, a canon from his left foot like no other player, Dribbler and defender. FORZA NEDVED !!!

Stankovic: 5.5 - He will become a great player but not on the bench. Great shot on goal but he looked confused and was not in sync with the rest of Lazio. Eriksson please do not waste this talent.

Simone: 6 - Hmm .. I feel sorry for Simone all alone up at the top but how the opponents fear him :) Had some great moves but nothing really special and couldn´t really get passed his defender and when he did he was pulled down.

Salas: 6 - For the short period of time he was on the pitch he showed that he is a better player then Inzaghi and once this motor starts running he will score and score alot.

Almeyda: 6 - I have one thing to say and so does Almeyda, What an Amazing interception :) !!! Zanetti was free and was about to recieve a very dangerous cut through pass when Almeyda Intercepted the ball :) BRAVO !! Yellow carded for stupid shirt pulling and I hope he isn´t suspended from the next game.

Great game if you look at the way we dominated but we really should have won it bigger and now Inter only needs 1 goal to take the cup. However I belive we can score at San Siro and it´s a much better position then the 5 - 2 loss against Valencia anyway.

Forza Lazio !!

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Dollar whatever you might be right - we might be without any trophies this season but that really doesn´t matter too much because we are the only team playing really well and unlike Inter who can only compete in on one front at a time we are 10 points ahead of you in the scudetto race, in the quarters of the CL and leading the cup final 2 - 1. I agree Inter need only to score 1 goal but you guys haven´t been able to beat us all season so what makes you think it´s going to happen now ??

We missed more players then you before this game so when we´ll face you next time around it will be with Veron, Nesta, Almeyda, ***** and Salas.

San Siro is a great place to be at so I´m sure the players will give 100 % to reach the goal.

...And for you that might read both sides of the story and create your own veiw of things, here is the report from the Inter-forum.

Svennis knocked Seedorf off his feet saying that he was "confused and so far from being a good playmaker it's scary". The man writing Inters report i on the other hand very satisfied with seedorf.
However, Im sure Svennis alredy strikes towards that inter-editor giving him a verbal punch.

however, here it is...

Pretty decent Inter performance that leaves hope for the 2nd leg. Inter started superbly, dominating possession. Good early goal from Seedorf after great work from Mutu on the wing. Inter looked the more likely to score for most of the first half despite not being really threatening. Lazio attack was non-existent.

Later in the 1st Lazio started to dominate, lots of Mihailovoc set pieces, very well defended by Inter. Goal came a bit suddenly, from Nedved. Slightly poor defending to let him get a shot in.

2nd half: not much happening, suddenly a cross from Conceicao, Simeone gets a flick on it from a ridiculous position (about 6 yards away) and it's a goal. Ronaldo came on, got injured. Inter defended pretty well, not much in the way of chances, although Mancini missed a great chance late on.

Quick lowdown on performances:
Peruzzi: had few saves to make, what little he did was pretty decent.
Blanc: Excellent as usual
Cordoba: see above
Panucci: much improved, very good 1st half
Cauet: worked hard, but dodgy passing
Moriero:reasonable but injured and subbed at half time
Di Biaggio: pretty solid
Baggio: hate to say it but a very poor performance
Mutu: besides the assist, a quiet game

And for all you Seedorf doubters: good game, not too much over-dribbling, decent distribution, got a vital goal.

That's your lot.Hopefully that filled you folks in.

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Thank's Svennis, it is very usefull for fans like me (who couldn't see the game, there wasn't any tv channel broadcast that, they just broadcasted Leeds v Galatasaray) ....

Anyway, why did Stankovic play bad ? Is there any cause for that ?

Before the game we hope too much on Gottardi, he was good in 2 years ago, but he wasn't that good in game, was he ?

How about our chance in San Siro ? 55% ? 60% ? or 90% may be ? :) :) :)

sevennis, thanks for a hilarious match report! it's very entertaining and informative. i really had fun reading it. too bad for ronaldo, my heart really went out to him. too bad for baggio either, finally had a chance to play a big game but he screwed it up. i guess he won't be too far from his retirement, though. at last, i am asking if all the lazio fan could do me a little favor, stop that racist ****.

p.s. nedved had an excellent game!!!

Inter will win at San Siro 1-0 seedorf will score and at the end of the season you will have no trophies (no cup,no CL,no scudetto)just like Barcelona

Wor, If you have red my reply you would have known that it was taken from the Inter-forum. I have nothing to do with the content of that text, it is written by someone else, I just thought it would be important to read both sides of the story. The words are not mine. :)
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