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Lazio in closing the 2001/02

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There are 3 weks left in Serie A, and this is the most crucial part of it. Lazio is on #7 spot and still looking for CL qualification.

Hre's the table:
Inter Milan 31 19 4 8 65
AS Roma 31 17 2 12 63
Juventus 31 17 3 11 62
Chievo Verono 31 13 7 11 50
Bologna 31 14 10 7 49
AC Milan 31 12 7 12 48
Lazio 31 12 8 11 47

Here's the schedule:
Apr 17th
AC Milan vs AS Roma
Chievo Verono vs Inter Milan
Perugia vs Bologna

Apr 24th
AS Roma vs Chievo Verono
Bologna vs Lazio
Verona vs AC Milan

May 1st
AC Milan vs Lecce
Brescia vs Bologna
Chievo Verono vs Atalanta

Let's say we wins all of our left games, IMO Milan will get 6, Chievo 4, and Bologna 6 .... so IMO Bologna will finish on 4th spot, the last spot for CL :( sadlyyyy.....
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It'll be Lazio or Milan..... not that those teams are the best, but I think the refs will have a say in it sadly enough... Italy = Italy

Let's just hope Inter will be champions at day 33.....otherwise....:devil:
A few months ago I wouldn't have believed that we'd still be in with a chance for a CL spot at this stage. It's almost a miracle!

I'll go on the record right now and say that both Bologna and especially Chievo would deserve it more than Lazio and Milan. But I too expect it will be either one of the latter teams that will get the 4th spot. Not that it'll be something to be happy about, both Lazio's and Milan's performance in the CL has been terrible the last few years. So if it wasn't for the money, both of those teams might be better of setting their sights on the UEFA cup tournament.
IMO, at least in this season, you cant predict Lazio's performance before the final whistle, there have too many game that baffled us, what the funny is you can never say we can't win all these 9 points as well.
From latest two game, I reckon that luck is backing to Lazio, so, it's will not fright me if we finally crash into CL.
The most goddamn thing is we beat Inter at last round and bring the title to Roma at same time. :devil: :devil: :devil:
It won't happen
Besides, there's still a third team ..... Juventus.

Next Match = Milan-Roma

If Milan wins and Juve wins Roma & Juve will have equal points with 2 matches to go....
That;s what i thought .... we missed so many great games at the beginning and middle of the season :( ... well, that's football ..

I hope we don't change a lot for next season ... because if so, we will start all over again with new players ... let's just keep what we have and working on it ...

Forza Lazio !!!
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