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Lazio - Genoa

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Serie A Week 13 - 23/11/08 (14.00 UK)
Lazio - Genoa
Stadio Olimpico

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Brocchi - Dabo - Mauri. That's a nightmare of a midfield as none of them are in form. Menghi can rightfully take the the place of Mauri but we all know it ain't gonna happen. I'm all for giving Lichty the chance in midfield as I don't believe these three duds can make it.

Will be interesting to see how we fare against another team that's in form. Big test for our defence to be up against a dangerman like Milito.
0-0 at halftime and a pretty boring match.

It is indeed a surprising lineup but it isn't working too well. Meghni is an upgrade on Mauri but he is not a world beater of any kind. Good action though when he stole the ball in midfield and sent it just wide.

Dabo is just horrible. He is slow, mistimes his tackles and can't pass the ball to save his life.

The attacking three isn't working at all. Foggia, Pandev and Zarate all like to drift wide which means we have NO presence in the box what so ever. They aren't arriving at any chances and our best player in attack has been Kolarov.

We're lucky the ref called back that goal for Genoa...
Shite match. As expected we played a bit better for at least parts of the second half and finally got some chances but we were still lucky to get the draw.

We had no rhythm, no flow.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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