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Could someone please send me a copy of all the fan songs, the fans sing at games. Has anyone else had dreams involving Lazio? I had one last night that involved concecaio after their game with reggina, we were talking for a while about the game and winning lo scudetto, and he then gave me the boots he used all season. I nearly died, the dream was so vivid, I think what triggered the dream off, was that lucky bastardo who got mancini's jersey at the game. So if anyone would like to share their dreams or nightmares with us, please do so, it would be very interesting to see what us fans come up with. I love Lazio and for all you fans out there who have stuck with Lazio through thick and thin, congratulations we deserved it. Forzaaaaaa laaaa Laziooooooo.

If you can smellllllll-lalalalala what Veron is cooking!

Heard the latest?
SS Lazio is the greatest!
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