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Lazio Campione...Orgoglio della Capitale

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Roma will not win the scudetto next year, or the next if they keep the same team, they need a new goalie, replace Zago (Will Samual be thrown straight in the team). Nakata is never going to fit into this team, you should get the money for him to buy a player who will fit in.

A new striker is denefiently needed, if Batigol did come, I feel Roma could be a force, and get a Champions League spot. Montella and Batistuta could be a great attacker, with Totti suppling the balls.

Hope this makes some sense, becuase Roma are crap, and Leeds should never have beat them.
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Romanisti ! You can not even dream about this tricolore ! Can you ?

What a great surprise you are in the UEFA ?

Are you proud of us ? We are capital's real honour !

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LAZIO: 1900-2000= SCUDETTO
Juve: 1898-1998= scudetto
milan: 1899-1999=scudetto
roma: 1927-2027= scudetto?
You have just to wait a bit...
LAZIO: 1900-2000= SCUDETTO
Juve: 1898-1998= scudetto
milan: 1899-1999=scudetto
roma: 1927-2027= scudetto?
You have just to wait a bit...
What happened this weekend??
I didn't notice anything,
am i missing something here??
E la roma dove sta??????????



roma MERDA

Nice to see a southern club win the title, altho its LAZIO.

Forza Roma.
All you laziale should thank Carlo Mazzone. He is a BIG, BIG Roma fan. So you could say that it was Roma that gave lazio Lo Scudetto.

Forza Roma
I'm with GJC on this one. Good to see a southern club win the scudetto, although after the Parma debacle it's just possible the Old Slag threw it to throw the magistrates off the scent!!
Congats to Lazio, the team humiliated by Valencia who don't even feature in the Primera Liga!!
Valencia is in CL final and we are
Now you can say everything you want but we are the champions!
How dare all these laziali say that the city of Rome is there town!!!

Of all people who live in Rome and like football 90% supports AS Roma!!

Of all people who live in the small towns around Rome (e.g. Ostia) and in the state off Lazio (where else did they get their name from??)90% supports Lazio. So I'd say AS Roma is the symbol of the city of Rome (only look at the symbol of the club , Romulus and Remus)
and Lazio is a symbol of the state Lazio and also a symbol of southern Italy.

SS Lazio (that SS gives me a clue why they hate black people.....)

FORZA FEYENOORD (the team that also HATES Juventus, Lazio & AC Milan)
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Rome is the city, Lazio is the team! What are you saying? Do you know our history? No, so shut up! We are born in 1900, they only 27 years later! We are Rome! We are the doublewinners! roma fans are so stupid that have ruined also the giannini-d(g)ay!
From a Lazio fan I just want to say that I think Roma played some of the most beautiful football this season and with a bit more depth in the squad you guys will be serious title contenders.

Still Lazio is my team and I´m very proud of what we´ve done this season.

Forza Lazio !!
Merde a vita!!!!!!
poracci, quanto rosicate!!!!!

All fans from Rome, you must agree that it is good that another team than Juve and Milan wins "Lo Scudetto". And this time it was Lazios turn to win, maybe next year Roma will be the Champions.
But perhaps it is only a Swede who can win "Lo Scudetto" in Rome.
Just look at Liedholm 82/83 and Svennis this year.

Forza Lazio
Useless topic! :(

Noi Siamo La LAZIO!
Personally,i didn't want you guys to win!! :)
But i must thank you, cause you literally made our president lose his head!!! :)
And spend all his money on players.
You guys were not the best team in the league and many people will agree with me.
You truly owe it first to
a)Cragnotti-for throwing out the coin in good players
b)Eriksson-who applied the turnover system which was introduced first(?) by Capello in the Milan years.You guys were fresher than Juve and any other team at the end,thus the championship.

Now we will stregthen our bench and starting line-up and join "the big boys" next year.By no means am i saying that we're guaranteeing a scudetto but we will challenge at the end of the last week!!
And you cannot hide your fears that you have in our team,cause the buying is far from over!!
We're getting stronger from here my fellow laziali.
Let the battle of Roma begin!!! :) ;)
First i must congrat. lazio, second thanks to svennis and lazional for beeing such a sportmanship like. To Lazional i must say that it also take a swed to loose Lo Scudetto, as Sven G Eriksson did with Roma.
Last game at the Olimpico and a win was what we needed, but we lost against allready rellegated Lecce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Se you next season.

Forza Roma
You are right Il Lupo, Let the battle of Rome begin.
The best team is the champions that´s it.
Sensi has spent a lot of money but he has to do something when Lazio took the doubble.
Batistuta, Samuel and Emerson are all very good players, but is it enough to win "Lo Scudetto" next year? Roma will certain fight for a CL place. Roma has the best attack in Serie A.
But don´t forget that Lazio has the best midfield in the world and probebly the best defence too.

Forza Lazio
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