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I just have a good feeling about this game.

What if Lazio get knocked out of CL and then win Serie A.Do you think that Erikson should still stay?

I am an optimist and am predicting a 3-0 scoreline with Salas scoring twice and Veron the other.I know that that fifth goal may have done too much damage but remember that there is alot of talent in this squad and if they play as a team then hey I may well be celebrating!

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Eriksson was behind our terrible defeat to Valencia last week, but one way or the other, he´s also behind our 3-0 victory.....
I don´t think we want to get rid of him yet. Let´s see what more he´s got to offer.....

Forza Lazio

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HAHA you guy's are dreaming Valencia is not Lecce that you can say we'll win 3-0 and thats it , Claudio Lopez will make *****,Mihailovic,couto,favalli,Pancaro DIZZY he along with Angulo and Klller Gonzales will at least lose with little difference or draw you so say goodbuy to the Champscuppo.
juventus will win the scudetto
you guy's are lucky if you win the Coppa Italia

I will tell you what you need to be the best (you assume to be but you aren't)
1 Get a Winner Coach not that idiot Erikson
2 Get yourselve decent strikers boksic, mancini and ravanelli are old and they have all past theire peak so you have two dangerous strikers one of them Salas is off-form the other S Inzaghi is not Whorld Class and is doesn't deserve to be a regular Lazio Roma player So Buy 2 good strikers (rebrov,vieri,shev,owen,crespo,claudio lopez,and the black kanu,Hasselbaink,Jardel,ronaldo)and a good young pich-hitter ( Muzzi,R sosa,Lucarelli,tristan,saviola)
3.MIDFIELD is oke one of the best in the whorld
a few changes are nescessary : Tell Lombardo to Quit,sell Marcolin and buy Baronio
de la pena must come back he's good
4.Defence : buy Soll Campbell and Canavarro/Stam (this will cost but you earned a lot of money in the CL you also have to fire pancaro and send ***** to jail ,give couto a ticket to portugal and buy a decent stand-in rightdefender Panucci,Sartor,Torricelli or Juliano
and my last tip buy an italian goalkeeper with reflections Buffon or Toldo
with this team you'll be the best of the whorld

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I agree with you dollar!!!!!!!!1
In the past I wasn't sure who would be a good replacement for Sven but now I found one,YOU!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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