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Galca stays at Espanyol

The seemingly never-ending story of Constantin Galca’s move from Espanyol has reached its conclusion with the Rumanian international announcing that he is staying with the Spanish Cup winners.

Although the full terms of the deal have not been made public, Galca is thought to have lowered his demands in order to sign a four-year deal with the club he joined in 1997 from Mallorca.

Over recent months, the 28-year-old had been linked with a host of clubs, both foreign and national, after his earlier failure to agree on the renewal of his contract with Espanyol.

“I’m staying at Espanyol. I have wanted to say this phrase for a long time and now it’s a reality,” the delighted midfielder told reporters.

“I’m very grateful to Espanyol for the efforts they have made. They have worked hard to keep here and I shall never forget that. Now it up to me to demonstrate the faith they have shown on me by doing well on the pitch.”

The Rumanian added that one of the major reasons for his reducing his financial aspirations was because he wanted to remain with coach Paco Flores, for whom he has great admiration.

“Paco Flores is an excellent coach and I have a perfect rapport with him. I believe in Paco and the club. Last season we won the Spanish Cup. And this year we can add to that achievement because we are in three competitions,” Galca said.

“I’ve also realised that the fans think a lot of me and I want them to know that I’m proud to wear the Espanyol shirt. I’m going to give my all for them and to make them feel proud of their team.

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Lee Hendrie no angel

Aston Villa boss John Gregory has hit midfielder Lee Hendrie with a ‘grow up or get out’ ultimatum.

The boyish looking midfielder will be in the Villa team which tonight takes on powerful Celta Vigo in the semi-final first leg InterToto Cup clash.

But aware that his team's self control could be pushed to the limit by the Spaniards, Gregory has warned: "Lee has no further room for error from now on.

"Lee was nearly killed when he crashed his Porsche recently. He's no angel but he very nearly became one.

"The trouble is he lives life in the fast lane. One hundred miles an hour is his normal speed.

"Lee is 23 going on 13. Better make that 17 because he has matured a little bit."

Gregory - who never hesitates to tell it as it is - has been forced to call in the England prospect following Paul Merson's suspension.

And he clearly hopes and believes this latest outburst will finally penetrate the mind of a man whom he considers acts like a teenager.

He said: "I have spelled out my message to him in stark terms. He has one season left in which to deliver or I'll buy someone to replace him.

"He is the classic example of a young footballer who has been given too much too soon despite the fact that he possesses fantastic natural ability.

"I hope the penny will drop with Lee. It certainly needs to or his career is in danger of going right off the rails.

"I don't want to see him turning up for training in a Porsche. I would far sooner see him behind the wheel of an F-reg Vauxhall Viva."

Gregory admits that he didn't expect to be pitched in against such stiff opposition in the competition.

He said: "Make no mistake, this is going to be a real test. We have Mark Delaney suspended and that will increase the size of the task."

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Reds get cash boost

Liverpool FC and Granada Media have joined forces in a deal which sees Reds’ boss Gerard Houllier with an extra £20 million (€32.5m) to spend on players.

According to Reuters, the 50-50 venture – Liverpool FC Broadband – will create a portal which offers replays of matches, betting on goalscorers while watching live games and regional content and merchandising.

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry praised the deal saying: “First and foremost it is a long term deal that will enable us to participate in a global platform and develop the brand. But an immediate injection of £20 million (€32.5m) is very welcome and will support our primary objective of securing success on the field.”

The deal will also witness a complete overhaul of the current Liverpool website in the autumn and see them break into a totally new market. “If we get this right, Liverpool FC Broadband could become more popular than the club itself. It’s a proper dot.com business that we could float on the stock market in a few years to come.”

Having already spent £9 million (€14.5m) during the close season, Houllier can further increase his squad’s size as the launch an assault for the Premiership crown.
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