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1. Frey: He has explained to be intressted
in a Move to Lazio.
2. Crespo: Declared that he's leaving Parma.
but i hope he will not cost us
Salas+Almeyda + Cash as reported
3. Rivaldo: Lazio intrested but Barca should
sort out in the pos. of the coach
for next year.
When it comes to Pippo i hope Cragnottiu didnt got crazy. he's nothing
feel free to comment on this

Lazio 4ever

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Thanks for the news. I think it's crazy to buy pippo. Why? Because already have lopez and just trying to get crespo.What position will pippo play???(Remember we already have his younger brother, Simone...)And to buy Rivaldo i think it's too expensive for player at that age. I think better we keep Nedved and Veron than buy Rivaldo.

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yes i agree with you Juan veron i think it;s insane...we need the equalizer nedved and veron our playmaker...i think we need that 2 person than rivaldo..and pls!dont ever buy pippo maybe he good when get the ball but in the end he cant make a goal...
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