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Larsson offers dinner to Barca squad if they beat Shaktar !

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From a Scottish Newspaper:-

Daily Record said:

By Gavin Berry

HENRIK LARSSON has promised to take the entire Barcelona squad out for a slap-up meal if they can help Celtic secure a UEFA Cup place.

The former Hoops hero has begged his team-mates to give it their all to dump Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday and guarantee Martin O'Neill's men post- Christmas European football. Celtic are in pole position to finish third in their Champions League group and a win in the final game against AC Milan at Parkhead would secure a UEFA Cup spot. But anything other than victory against the Serie A giants could see Ukrainians Shakhtar edging them out if they get a result in their Barca showdown.

Larsson is unable to help his old club after being sidelined for the season after suffering a horrific knee injury last month against Real Madrid.

But the Swede is doing his utmost to ensure his Barca team-mates do the Celts a favour in his absence and hand Martin O'Neill's men a European lifeline.

Barca striker Samuel Eto'o, who scored against Celtic in the Nou Camp 10 days ago, revealed: 'Henrik has said he will invite the whole team out for dinner if we win on Tuesday. He has demanded the players give maximum effort to get the victory because his wish is for Celtic to finish in third place in the group.

'Honestly, I am astonished at Henrik's love for Celtic but I'm beginning to understand just why he is such an idol in the eyes of their fans.

'Of course, I'd like to win anyway but even more for Henrik. Our objective is to win in the Ukraine and while it won't be easy we want to help Celtic.

'If we can go through to the knockout stages and get Celtic into the UEFA Cup then I will be happy. Celtic can be assured I will do everything to help them.

'Personally, when the draw was made in Monaco I thought Celtic would definitely finish in third place but their result in the Ukraine made it difficult.'

Now it's Barcelona who face the tricky prospect of a match in Donetsk when conditions will be freezing.

And Cameroon star Eto'o said: 'The atmosphere and cold weather will make it hard for us.

'Shakhtar are a complicated team but with the players we have we are able to triumph in the Ukraine.

'I want to be top scorer in the Champions League and my aim is to score at least one in every match.

'I'm not worried about the physical presence of Shakhtar - I always receive blows on the field.'

Larsson, meanwhile, will start his recuperation in the next couple of days after his make or break knee surgery was deemed to be a complete success.

He was operated on by renowned surgeon Dr Richard Steadman at his Colorado clinic on Friday.

Larsson, 33, severed ligaments in his left knee last month and will be out for the rest of the season.

The hitman star had planned to retire next summer but before the surgery Barca offered him an extension of a further year to his contract.

Steadman has saved the careers of a host of top players including Alan Shearer.

He recently operated on Larsson's former Parkhead team-mate John Kennedy who is battling to back to fitness after being injured playing for Scotland against Romania.
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They are too rich to bother

It would be better if they where forced to eat haggis if they lost.
I'll let someone else explain what haggis is, I already feel sick
mincecfc said:

Firstly, I don't think the attraction of a this meal is for its monetary value.

Secondly, Larsson is Swedish and I'd imagine Haggis isn't on the menu.

Apart from that, great post :rollani:
1 sheep's paunch
heart, lung and liver of sheep
white pepper
hot red pepper (cayenne preferred)
1 pound beef suet
1/8 tsp. nutmeg (or less to taste)
2 onions, chopped
6 oz. oatmeal, toasted
3/4 pint beef stock
If I was threatened to eat this, I would sure try to make a miracle in terms of effort to avoid it..
But that's my very personal opinion, no offense to those who eat it.
Both Celtic and Larsson have a relation to Scotland AFAIK.
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ViscaBarcaInter said:
Why are you people talking about haggis?

What is wrong with you?!?!?!? :dielaugh:
Well, my trick for FCB to win was that they would be forced to eat haggis if they lost, but then things went out of topic :happy:
My famous last words:
Haggis: BAD
Lagavulin: Yummie
McDonalds: Best scottish restaurant ever :happy: :happy:
Koeman4 said:
I'm totally lost in this thread... :wth::D WTF is haggis?
Basically all you can't eat on a sheep, but I feel tension from our Scottish friends so I will not go deeper into the subject :D :D :D

We could hower discuss luxury problems like:
Why doesn't Eto'o score more than one goal in average ?
How come that we have let other teams score goals against US ?
Why are we only 9 points ahead of RM ?
ViscaBarcaInter said:
There's nothing at all wrong with this idea. To me, it shows the closeness of the squad AND the fact that Larsson is a classy guy. I've seen this kind of thing before, players buying team-mates watches and stuff. It's just part of being mates in a football club, Larsson is saying "this is your reward!". He wasn't saying "You wanted to lose before, now you have reason not to".
Agree, I'm sure things like that happens almost every game, I don't understand why this should be such a big deal ??
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