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Lars-Tommy Tactics?

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The filosofi that the coaches are trying to use is very good and modern but unfortionality you need players that could fit in to it and the current players does not.

Right and Left back: should be very attacking minded with good pace, crossing and "playing" backs. Mellberg has the attributes to be a super central defender but not as a wingback.

Wingers: when did you see sweden make a cross from a area near the corner or coming in and make a "snett bakåt"?
If our wingers could fullify this request players such H.Larsson should be more danger and score a lot more goals.

Offensive Midfielder: Should be more offensive minded and try to come behind the forwards when sweden makes a counter attack (andra våg). This will give the attackers and crossers an extra alternitive.

I belive that 3-5-2 would suite us better:

Alexandersson Ljungberg
Linderoth Farnerud
Larsson Allbäck

what do you think?
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IMO 3-5-2 is a not a good system unless you have the rigth wingers wich I do not think Sweden have, so simply i think 3-5-2 would suit us even worse.
Ljungberg is a not a good crosser, and with his djupleds runs wich is one of his strongest abilties will be restricted since he have to think more about not leaving to much space behind himself.

I think they should stick with 4-4-2 since its to late to change and implant something new now.
Maybe after WC, hopefully with 2 new coaches.
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