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Quite a question :)
Maciej Murawski - age 26
Formerly of Lech Poznan(my team)
Since 2 years he has been a first team regular at Legia Warsaw, arguably the best team in Poland. This sprong he has been absolutely outstanding, and I mean OUTSTANDING. He is playing as a sweaper and it's really coming of well. I believe he has had a cap or two in the polish national side, but at the moment our new manager Engel isn't to keen on calling him up, it has to change sooner or later as this guy is really on great form! I haven't heard any news about Bordeaux and Marseille here in poland so it's most likely hogwash, still Murawski is worth the money.

I just hope this time, my call will be more fortunate then the one with Szamotulski ;) - I really don't understand the guy, he was Sooooooo good in the autumn in Legia? Too weird.
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