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Barcelona Seek Award For 1937 Liga


As civil war raged in Spain, football continued, at least partially. In 1937, the east coast, largely controlled by the Spanish Republic, played host to its own tournaments. And Barcelona wish for the RFEF to recognise the league that they won that year...

Barcelona may seek to be awarded a formal title by the RFEF (Spanish FA) for their 1937 Liga Lliga Mediterranean/Liga Mediterránea victory.

Following the news that Levante have been given permission to celebrate that year's Cup competition, the Copa de la España Libre, as an official title, Barcelona wish to do the same for the league contest.

It is thought that president Joan Laporta (pictured) supports the idea. However, there remain complications.

Originally, the Copa which Levante won was set to be a mini-league for the top four finishers in the Mediterranean, of which Barcelona - being league winners - were one.

However, Barcelona instead opted to go on a tour of Mexico and the USA, league title already in hand, leaving Valencia, Espanyol and Girona to battle it out. (Curiously, Levante - eventual winners - were late additions to the contest, being 5th in the Lliga.)

Nonetheless, many in Catalonia feel that this historical oddity may play in Barcelona's favour: after all, Levante was drafted into the competition as a replacement for the winner - implying that a winner exists.

One Catalan sports historian, Carles Santacana, put it succinctly: "It's evident that if one competition was to be recognised by the RFEF, then the other must be, too, either as the Mediterranean League or with another name.

"What is not possible is that between 1926 and 1939 there were no competitions contested."

The Catalan FA supports any potential Barcelona bid.

The Lliga Mediterranean contained eight teams, each playing the other once at home and away. Barcelona won with 20 points (on the basis of 2 points for a win), with Espanyol on 19, and Girona and Valencia on 17.

Levante finished with 16, while the chasing pack comprised Gimnastico - now a part of Levante - with 10, Granollers with 8, and Atletico Castellon with 5.
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