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La Gazzetta Della​


Next match...


Match Prediction: Always just before the match! To take consideration of player availability

Pre Match Wrap: Sampdoria-Chievo


Due to the annoying process of having to go back and forth in the internet browser, this thread has been created to make the viewing of the Sampdoria forum easy and simple.

So what is this thread about? This thread (in it's completion) will contain the following: current news, fixtures and forecoming matches, statistic database, your thoughts section, thread/website links and easy and simple navigation links. This thread will allow you to navigate through the already existing threads. No need to go back and forth, just click on the link and the relative thread pops up imediatelly.

Updated every week, this thread is constantly changing and everytime you view it (in its completion) you will know it contains the latest news and updates. Everyweek, (exclusive to Samp supporters) you can get involved by PM'ing me your thought of the week. It will be posted on one of the pages, your way of contributing to this great thread. And Its totally FREE!


Think you got it? JOIN! the "Sampdoria Prediction League"...Current prediction Sampdoria-Chievo

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785 Posts
La Gazzetta Della​

Weekly Standings/Results 04/05

Day 26 Results:

Brescia - Sampdoria 0-1...GET!the match report...Brescia - Sampdoria
Bologna - Livorno 0-0
Cagliari - Atalanta 3-3
Inter - Milan 0-1
Fiorentina - Udinese 2-2
Juventus - Siena 3-0
Lazio - Parma 2-0
Lecce - Messina 1-0
Palermo - Roma 2-0
Reggina - Chievo 1-0

Serie 'A' 04/05

Lucky or not lucky, it was a great win for Samp against Reggina which puts them back to equal 4th with Udinese, and 2 points away from 3rd Inter.​

Serie 'A' Standings 2004/05 (Day 26)

57 Milan
57 Juventus
44 Sampdoria
43 Inter
42 Udinese
42 Palermo
38 Roma
35 Lecce
35 Reggina
34 Cagliari
33 Bologna
33 Lazio
31 Livorno
29 Messina
28 Chievo
27 Fiorentina
26 Parma
25 Siena
23 Brescia
18 Atalanta

Still to play (*)

Previous 3 results
Sampdoria-Reggina 3-2 Pre/Post Match Highlights
Livorno-Sampdoria 1-0 Pre/Post Match Highlights
Sampdoria-Fiorentina 3-0 Pre/Post Match Highlights

Italian Cup/Quarter Finals

1nd Leg:

Roma - Fiorentina 1-0

Milan - Udinese 3-2

Cagliari - Sampdoria 2-0 Pre/Post Match Highlights

Atalanta - Inter 0-1

2nd Leg:

(Date-2/16/2005) Inter - Atalanta

(Date-3/16/2005) Fiorentina - Roma

(Date-3/16/2005) Udinese - Milan

(Date-3/17/2005) Sampdoria - Cagliari


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La Gazzetta Della​

Headline Of The Week

Now Let's Beat Milan-Samp Coach Novellino
3/6/2005 6:54:00 PM

Sampdoria coach Walter Novellino was extremely happy following his team’s win over Chievo, a result that allowed the Doriani to maintain their third spot in the table.

“It was a difficult match, but we knew Chievo were a good team. It’s an extremely important win for us, we have 47 points, and this is a great achievement,” said Novellino, who then spoke about next week’s clash at Mlan.

“Next Sunday I want to hand our fans the joy of winning in the San Siro, that was denied to them earlier this season when Inter performed that incredible comeback,” he said.



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La Gazzetta Della​


Third page-Statistic Database

The Final Countdown - The matches remaining...

Milan - Sampdoria
Sampdoria - Atalanta
Cagliari - Sampdoria
Sampdoria - Palermo
Parma - Sampdoria
Sampdoria - Roma
Messina - Sampdoria
Sampdoria - Lecce
Udinese - Sampdoria
Sampdoria - Inter
Bologna - Sampdoria​

General goalscorers so far...2004/05 (Penalties included in overall tally)
Highest goalscoring Doriano so far...2004/05​

1. Francesco Flachi - 11 Goals, 4 penalties. :star:
2. Aimo Diana - 4 Goals
2. Max Tonetto - 4 Goals
4. Vitali Kutuzov - 3 Goals
5. Fabio Bazzani - 2 Goals (now at Lazio)
5. Fausto Rossini - 2 Goals
7. Marcello Castellini - 1 Goal
7. Biagio Pagano - 1 Goal (now at Atalanta)
7. Stefano Sacchetti - 1 Goal
7. Sergio Volpi - 1 Goal

Player Database
Player Profiles

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La Gazzetta Della​

What YOU! thought...Sampdoria - Livorno
Every week, quotes will be taken out of your post match posts in each match thread. Everyweek the quotes change, and you have the chance to win the "Quote of the Week". Ofcourse, not everyone will be quoted, but in the future im sure everyone will be mentioned, but if you PM me your thought of the week, even if its not in the match thread, i can post it, so dont forget to say what you think after each match!​

This weeks "Quote of the Week" is a hard choice, and is...

"What the hell, at least he could stand up and spit Grandoni in the face! But the pubic region... that's quite gay porn!" - ToniSamp

Shortlisted Quotes...

"One of the most boring match of the season." - Skogeta

"That swap must go down as the most stupid deal in sampdoria history" - Zuenotto

"Looks like we're just going to have to hope that Flachi starts scoring again and that Rossini accidentally bundles the odd goal in too..." - Bogliaschino

"I'm not so angry cause the defeat was in the air for the reason i already told you in this thread, but the FK which originated the goal was an invention of the referee Tagliavento." - ToniSamp

"I also wasn't particulalry impressed by Novellino taking off Tonetto (one of our few attacking threats) for Edusei with 15 minutes to go, but there you go." - Bogliaschino
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