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La Ciudad Deportiva de Abegondo

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The new training facilities of Deportivo are still under construction but not for too long. If the work is finished there it'll be one of the most modern training centres in Spain. The current one is one of the most old-fashioned and rather old. The facilities cost the club a fortune and hopefully are worth it;).
Here are some images from pop-up windows about the progress of construction. Earliest are first.










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Great... a big club like Depor deserves quality training centres. They will look very cool judging from the images
Super Puyol said:
Great... a big club like Depor deserves quality training centres.
Yeah, but I'm afraid we're in large debts now because of that. These things cost huge amounts of cash:(. And we can't just ask the municipality to clear our debts...:stuckup:
we can always try ;)
SuperPauleta said:
we can always try ;)
But we ain't no Real Madrid;)
And there is a huge difference between the cities of Madrid and A Coruña financially as you know..:depress:
Well, we need a centre like this to become a big club. If we want to sign quality players, we must offer them something. And I think this training centre could really help!

And do not worry so much about money Bailemos. Lendoiro know's what he's doing. Think about Barcelona and their debts... :eek:
The thing is, Barcelona is a big rich city which, when there are really tough times, can support the club, just like Real Madrid received support from the municipality of Madrid...
A Coruña is much smaller...:(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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