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Is there no site listing those results? I would be keen on knowing how NK Pag and NK Losinj are doing as I have very nice memories on my visits to those clubs (and towns)

If I would need to name a favourite Croat team, it'd be NK Losinj, that one I liked most of all really. Both the visit to the club and the 2 weeks I spent in Veli Losinj were very nice and I still think back of those moments with great joy.
I have a cousin that lives in Mali Losinj, I will be there is an few months time and will get the 'word on the street' in regards to the comings and goings at NK Losinj :smileani:

Losinj is a lovely island. So is Pag as well, part of my family tree hails from southern Pag island.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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