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they basically had one hot season in the 2.HNL where they were close to promotion, but then as mentioned before the HNS (Croatian football federation) got more strict with licenses and they were kicked down to the 3.HNL.

They even prevented a club (NK Belisce) from being promoted one season because of liscense problems and one club currently in the 2.HNL was saved because another team who finished ahead of them didn't have a license.

About NK Pag and NK Losinj...NK Pag play in the 4.HNL, which is one league above the regional leagues, NK Losinj play in the top regional/county league called 'Prva Primorsko-goranska Zupanska Liga' which is the 5th division in the Croatian football ladder. About their results, don't know, these leagues are rarely written about

I have also watched lower league Croatian soccer myself, I have a cousin who plays in the 4.HNL and the matches are certainly interesting (so many mistakes!) and the crowds are pretty funny as well :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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