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Krankl should know better...

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It's perfectly normal Austria draw Cameroon. It was obvious that we lacked the strike force to hit their weak defence. Wallner is completely average, and Vastic is nothing without Haas. Which brings me to my next point...


He is fast, he is skillfull, his finishing is good (alright, he hasn't scored much lately but still...) and above all he always stands up to the occasion. Vastic can't play good without Haas. Haas is the best Austrian striker.

Open your eyes Krankl, HAAS MUST PLAY!
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...you sure you shouldn't change to professional comedy writing ? Great post....especially the bit on Wallner... :D

Agree on everything you said.
Haas is what you call a complete striker, he makes amazing passes, he´s an unbelievably good free kick taker, technically gifted, reads the game like nobody else, etc...

His only weak point is that he´s a bit slow though.

There are some other players we need in our team, too:

-Thomas Winklhofer, he adds so much stability to our defense.
-Christian Prosenik, I love the guy. He´s fighting and running for 90 minutes, the future belongs to him, no doubt.
-Thanassis Andronis: We MUST hand him the Austrian citizenship, he´d bench Manninger immediately. One of those huge dark-haired greek 2m-goalies, should actually bench Eleftheropolous. Get him before Greece finds out about his talent. :)
Come on, MxPx. Andronis is a national hero in Greece. They even named their national stadium after him. And now Brazil wants that he works for Brazil at the WC - both as a player and as manager. The Gauchos want to prevent him from that, calling it unfair.
Oh, I forgot something. Karembeus wife wanted a divorce, as soon as she had seen Andronis. That's the reason for Karembeus suicide.
MxPx said:
-Thomas Winklhofer, he adds so much stability to our defense.
That's right Thomy is so great - top quality defender :star:
Mx, you clearly should go over to Kafka every now and then.... :)

Maybe Krankl needs some help:

Winklhofer - Jank - Prilasnig
Lederer - Hörtnagl - Reinmayr - Suchard - Ibertsberger
Haas - Brenner
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