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Kovacevic to Glasgow Rangers!?!?!

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I have just read that Glasgow Rangers made a $15m offer dor Darko. I would not like to see him there.

(1) Going from Juve in Serie A to Rangers in Scotland is a bad career move.

(2) His spell in england was bad and i am sure this could be disasterous too.

(3) he really enjoys playeing for Juve

What are your thoughts on this?
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I think if he doesnt get more playing time next season with Juve, it would be logical for him to move to another club...and $15 mil isnt a bad offer...
But u see if he couldn't adapt to english lifestyle what makes you think scottish lifestyle would be any different. I doubt the guy would really want to play in Scotland any way, he seems to love Juve. i think if they sold him to Rangers it would be kind of dissapointing for him.
I dont think it was the lifestyle in England, so much as team he was playing for, Shetfeild(sp). Also lets not forget, that Rangers are a great side...

...but also, I agree that Darko would probobly want to stay in Turin, but again, there's not point in staying if he'll only get 5 minutes of playing time per game. Lets just hope Ingzaghi makes the decision to leave Juve after this season :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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