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Hi guys

Let me tell you what happened on Sunday night(Sydney time). I went to an Easter 'Club Parada' party , they ****en rock, which was held in a sports bar. I had a bit to drink as per usual, trying to cut down. I had a bit of a jigi jigi. And the females were ****en unbelievable....i mean what can i say serbian chicks are the BEST LOOKING.

Anyway, being a sports bar they had the serie A live on the TVs Verona Vs Juventus....and guess what? i didn't see Kova on the starting line-up, after that i had to go and have another couple of drinks. As all you guys have mentioned before what does he have to do to get into the first Eleven.

The next night i was watching World Soccer and saw highlights from Serie A....Kova and Bata were sitting on the bench...Kova was reading the newspaper and as soon as they came into the camera's view Bata gave Kova a bit of a nudge to put the newspaper away. It pretty funny.

Sorry to bore all of you but i thought you might have wanted to know what i did hahahahaha.

vidimo se

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Man, I gotta move aussie :)!
I mean really, you guys have some of the best shilas(sp :)) in the world and ****ing heap of yugos...

I'm not really that worried about Kovacevic, as he's guaranteed himself a starting spot for Juve next year. Bata Mirkovc's situation worries me, I really do fell sorry for the guy. He's played probobly only a few full games for Juve this year, other than that he never came on :( I just hope he is sold to a club where he can play soccer and not just warm the benches...
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