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Kluivert wants to play for Juventus

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In several sites the big news is that Kluivert praises to play for juve. He wants to join his friends Davids and van Der Sar. the fee is just 7 milion.
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That's incorrect actually. He wants to stay in Barca. This is what I found earlier today...

Dutch forward Patrick Kluivert has rejected an
offer by italian club Juventus. Kluivert doesn't
want to leave his club Barcelona.

I don't know VERDI.
Many things are being said about Kluivert and Trezeguet right now, but if you read the article at http://www.onefootball.com you get the impression that it's a distinct possibility. The site is good and has so far not given me any indications that they post articles with manufactured quotes.


Kluivert pleads for quick Juventus switch
Thursday 22nd June 2000

Dutch striker Patrick Kluivert, right, has given his strongest hint yet that he will leave Barcelona after Euro 2000 to link up with two of his international team-mates at Juventus. The unsettled forward, who scored his country’s opening goal in the 3-2 defeat of France on Wednesday, said: "Playing in Italy again with my friends Edgar Davids and Edwin van der Sar is a definite possibility."

He added: "There are negotiations going on and the move is a possibility, so I don’t see a problem with talking about it. But we need to tie up a deal quickly because if you wait too long in football you miss the train.

"When there is a big offer on the table, it’s only right that the club speaks about it with the player. My life in Spain is excellent, but a professional footballer must put his career first. Only I can decide my own future."

Kluivert, 24, nearly moved to Juventus from Milan two years ago in a £7 million deal, but chairman Silvio Berlusconi pulled the plug when Barcelona came in – preferring to sell to a foreign club.

Now, however, despite Kluivert’s two reasonably successful seasons in Catalonia, the Dutch core of the side looks set to leave en masse after countryman Louis van Gaal resigned as coach last month.

Barcelona are looking for a transfer fee of £7.5 million to recoup the cash they laid out for Kluivert in 1998. The prolific Dutchman is also certain to demand a salary in excess of the £1.4 million he earns at the Nou Camp. Neither should pose a problem to the megabucks Turin giants.

As I've said before I think Kluivert is an awesome player, but he's not that much of a reliable goalscorer (like Crespo, Vieri for instance). He has a great technique however, and watching him, Del Piero, Zizou, Davids, Vieira, Athirson and Zambrotta in offense next season is now my definate dreamscenario. I'm rarely this demanding, but with all the links we get at the moment you simply can't resist the dream can you :) ?

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FINALLY!!! This is good news, I hope. Since there is no mention of exchanging some of our guys for him, I'm all for it! As I said in another post, Kluivert is 50/50 on any given day, but his best is among the best. I think Juve can bring his best out of him on MOST days!:):)

Forget about Milosevic!!!!!

-Del Piero, Zizou, Davids, Vieira, Athirson and Zambrotta-
----------------===in offense next season===---------------

haha, mouth wathering!! :D :D

Now that's a dream yyyyeah!
Well, one thing for sure, he is better than Inzaghi. Another, he is rather cheap. And the last one, I'm sure he'll team up fantastically with Davids. For me, it's either him or Crespo which i would like to see at Juve next season.:):)

And another thing, Kluivert is definitely better than Trezeguet. I would never ever take Trezeguet instead of Kluivert. Trezeguet sucks!!
Kluivert says no to Juve. ««
Patrick Kuluivert has always been among Juve's possible targets but he looks like he is staying in Barcelona.
Even two years ago when the player was in Italy, the Turin squad tried everything to convince Ac Milan to sell them the player.
Back then the player wanted to move to Turin but AC Milan preferred to sell him to Barcelona in order to avoid strenghtening a competitior for the title.
Now Juve has tried yet again to get to the player, taking advantage of Barcelona's management crisis, Juve has contacted the player's manager, but Kluivert answer this time has been a definitive no: "I will be starting the training sessions with Barcelona on the 23rd of July just as scheduled" - Kluivert told Juve representatives
Juventus would probably score average more than one goal per match should Kluivert come.
Nothing is certain yet, he may well join the Turin giants after Euro 2000.
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