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Once again kluivert proved to me that he is definitely the right man for barca's centre forward.
And Hesp showed again why NOBODY should EVER give him the ball. lol
But hey, he made the match interesting i guess :)
I liked this new barca formation.
Reiziger was absolutely outstanding in central defence, and actually i've noticed that we seem to win more often when he plays here than when he doesn't.
He has pace, great marking skills, and some intelligent positioning.
He is my favourite barca defender by a long way after seeing him tonight.
He took zola right out of the game.
I'm more convinced than ever now that Xavi simply isn't ready to take guardiola's place in the team.
I only hope that he'll improve vastly before Pep gets over 30.
Anyway, perhaps this season won't be so bad after all, with deportivo losing at the weekend, we can still do it.
Go Barca !!!!
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