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Kleberson is excellent!

No offense, Ze, but have you ever actually seen Kleberson playing? This kid is GOOD! He defends as a defensive midfielder, and supports the forwards as an attacking mid! He has a knack for scoring goals - he shoots well with both feet - and also tackles very well. This is a top-class, modern player. I was actually PRAYING that Scolari would choose him over Gilberto and Vampeta. I mean, both of them are good, but the truth is, Kleberson is the most offensive option of them all.

Vampeta has ONE, and just ONE, advantage over Kleberson: His experience, as Kleberson is only 21 or 22. Other than that, IMO Kleberson is better in every aspect. :) I realize Vampeta holds a special place in your heart, Ze, and i respect that. But don't knock Kleberson just because of that. This kid is classy, and hopefully he'll defend our golden shirt for many years to come. ;)
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