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I read a post from giani82 that Kezman has a pre-contract with Fiorentina. Can anyone confirm this?
I know this guy has serious potential but can someone please fill in some more facts. Is he in the Yugo team for Euro2000?, I think he is. What is his style? Is it similar to any other striker? Any info is appreciated.

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Born in 12 of april 1979. He seems like Dejo Savicevic (when he was young), though he plays with both of his legs very well. He is fast, with excellent dribble can score from every situation on the field. He also seems to have good determination on the field. Yet he is not in the national team though he played in some frendlies (the friends from Yugoslavia can tell more about it here :) ). About his precontract with Viola I did not believe it initially, but then I have seen one of his interviews that confirmed this and I'm 90% sure that's right, yet it's better to be confirmed by someone more aquainted with this ;) .
Yes giani_82 pretty much told you the basics.He is also the top scorer in the Yugo league at the moment.He has a good pass and he knows how to put himself in good positions to score.He is not small but he is not physicaly strong and he can be pushed of the ball.I havent heard anything about him signing a contract with Fiorentina.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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