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I heard, here in Australia, rumours regarding Mark Viduka (Celtic F.C) 27 goals, moving to Leeds. Is this true? I know the scottish league is not one of the best, however if you look at Viduka's history, it is truely amazing. He was the top scorer from age 10 to 19 in every age catergory in australia. He played senior football with Melbourne Knights and was top scorer two years in a row, and was voted U'21 player of the year. He left the Melbourne club and transfered to a Croatian side where he was top scorer before moving to Scotland, where he is now top scorer with 27 goals. I know Iam going to get flamed, yes all the leagues he has played in are ****e, but he just has that australian get up and at them attitude that has made us world champions in cricket, rugby, tennis and netball not to mention our swimming and youth soccer team who came runners up to brazil in the finals last year losing in the final on penalties!
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