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Kennet Anderson to Besiktas!

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I've just heard on TV that Besiktas came to an agreement with Bologna's swedish striker Kennet Anderson...As you know he's a tall,strong striker famous with his headers
According to Turkish press Fenerbahce,Galatasaray and Fiorentina are also interested in him...
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kadricim bu haberde bi yanlýþlýk olsa gerek.. çünkü benim izlediðim tv kanallarý anderson'un çaybahçe ile anlaþtýðýný söylüyordu..
nerden duydun bu haberi ?
Karakartal ENGLISH please!!

And IF this was true it would be good news 4 us.
I know Bologna want to sell him and I also now that he's good friend with Roger Ljung who played in Galata a couple of years ago - he has always considered the turkish league to be a "good" one in a developing stage, of course.
At Andersson's age i think u consider the amount of money involved when moving to a different league like the turkish one! It's a custom for most of the pro's to end their career in their "home" country.
i heard Anderson' transfer to BJK in a channel!(i don't remember the name of channel)
then in other channels i heard Fener secured Anderson:)

i think the second one is true,but it wasn't my mistake;)
kadri, why did u write wrong news in this forum?
write when u are sure and when u believe it's true..
bi daha olmasýn.. çizerim.:)
kadri,arap kadri..
kadri raký iç,iç kadri iç..
I'm Kadri,Arap Kadri and i do whatever i want...come and stop me if you dare Tarzan...
(raký da getir,içeriz balkonda;) )

bu arada beni çizmen zor ama hazýr çizilmiþlerinden buluruz sana istersen(sýkýysa bunu ingilizce yaz da göreyim :D)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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