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As a player and a coach, all I ask for from my team is to give 100% of you heart and effort out on the field. If we win or lose you know you did a great job.

That is exactly what our boys showed out on the field not only today, but for the entire World Cup (well the Poland game is excluded...). They showed heart and determination and they showed the world that the US is no longers anyone's pushover.

What makes this even more greater is that it gives us something to talk about and to remember for a long time to come. I know when my other country Croatia came in third place 4 years ago, to this day we are still talking about it and I don't think we ever will stop. That is exactly what we will do with our US team. We won't stop taling about World Cup 2002 for a long time to come. I found it great that walking to work today in NY City that bars were packed with people watching the game. I got there right before kickoff and was watching the game from outside on the side walk with 30 other people, that is how packed the bar was. Also, the US sports reporters can ignore this but who cares, today, walking down the streets, I heard people, and I'm not talking people that are immigrants, I'm talking about people that were born here in the US like I was, talking about soccer. This was great....

Proud of our boys today!

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Look what the run of the American team has done in the US:


Tired but happy, US fans say goodbye to World Cup dream
COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 21 (AFP)

Red, white and blue clad, flag-waving fans came to Columbus Crew Stadium early and stayed to the bittersweet end Friday as supporters across the nation saw the US dream run at the World Cup come to an end.
In Columbus, where first hundreds, then thousands turned out at the local Major League Soccer club's ground to watch the match on giant televisions, the ovation was sincere despite the 1-0 defeat by Germany.
"I'm disappointed now that it's over," said 41-year-old Columbus resident James Lewison.
"But if you look at the last time (France, 1998), we were dead last. We would have dealt with the devil to get this far."
The first fans arrived in the stadium parking lot nearly 19 hours before the 0730 kickoff. By midnight, the area was filled with tailgaters, pick-up soccer games, alcohol and, of course, chants of USA! USA!
By game time, an estimated 7,500 people were on hand. The turnout topped the 4,000 who came at 0230 Monday to see the US beat Mexico.
"This is just insane," Crew coach Greg Andrulis said from his spot on the lawn outside the stadium where he watched the second half on a 15 by 17-foot screen.
There were at least 30 people at the ground for every match, no matter the early-morning hour. Crew officials had no idea what to expect when it opened the doors for the World Cup's first match May 31 between Senegal and France.
They were surprised when 250 showed up. As the crowds grew for the US matches, changes were made.
At least six big-screen televisions were added to the Stadium Club and a giant mobile TV was placed outside the club. Also, the overflow could watch on the stadium's video board.
That's where Matt Neighbor, 29, and his sister-in-law, Marri Andrews watched the game unfold. They drove more than an hour from Lancaster, Ohio, after getting up at 5 a.m. to paint the Stars and Stripes on their faces.
"We had to be here," Neighbor said. "We heard about the great crowd and the great atmosphere."
For the unexpected quarter-final, the scene was mirrored in Washington, where RFK Stadium -- one of the venues of the 1994 World Cup -- was packed with some 4,000 raucous fans.
In Columbus, Crew striker Brian McBride and ex-Crew goalkeeper Brad Friedel drew the loudest cheers, but the crowd fell silent when Germany took a 1-0 lead and let out a collective gasp when a Tony Sanneh header just missed being the equalizer in the 89th minute.
"This was an experience I'll never forget," said 30-year-old Ryan Dolan. He and his father, Chris Dolan, 57, and friend Nick Lewis, 23, drove 1,200 miles from the Fort Meyers, Florida, area just to share the moment with thousands of soccer fans.
"To see this many people together to watch a soccer game is more than I could have imagined. This is the place to be."
In New York, all-night bars and early morning eateries catered to those eager to treat their football fever, even if the bug was recently acquired.
"I'm not familiar with soccer, but I got caught up and I wanted to watch the game because it's historic for the United States, going so deep into this tournament," said stockbroker Allan Isenberg, who stopped in at the Third and Long sports bar on his way to work on Wall Street.
Crowds at many bars included England and Brazil fans who stayed on after watching Brazil's 2-1 win in their quarter-final. While the odd US jersey was in evidence, they were usually outnumbered by English and Brazilian colors.
At the One and One bar, Irish owner Terry Dunne had to close for an hour between the two matches to clear up after disgruntled England fans.
The place was packed for the US match, both with diehard football fans and the curious.
"I don't know anything about soccer, but I've gotten myself involved in this over the past two weeks and I just wanted to be here to watch the quarter-finals," said Veena Jain, a nurse from Brooklyn.
Accountant Bruce Carter has long followed the fortunes of the US side and was disappointed and encouraged at the same time by the American showing.
"I have played soccer from my early days at school, and I am so proud of how far the Americans have got in this tournament, where the best in the world compete," he said.
"I thought we had plenty of chances to either level or win the game in the second half, but our inexperience showed when the ball got into the box and we didn't have the experience to finish it off."
Some of the fans at RFK had pulled an all-nighter to catch the quarter-final double header.
"We saw Brazil at The Diner, in Adams Morgan. We drank some whisky and kicked a ball in the parking lot here to stay awake," said Simeon Stancioff.
"I've watched 80% of the games, the rest I recorded. It has really been a waking up issue, since most of the games are at 0230 and 0730. I usually take a nap when I get home from work. I've only taken a sick day off work so far."
Steve Easley was thrilled to be able to watch the match with so many other supporters.
"Most people here haven't missed a single game, they didn't hop on the band-wagon like some have, ever since the US has been doing well. There's a lot more of a following than you'd think. It's a great thing the city finally provided a place to see a game. I've been watching most of the games so far at a soccer bar in Arlington, Virginia."
State Department employee Patrick Murphy was also happy not to be tip-toeing out to a bar in the wee hours to see the big match. After cheering on the US with his wife and kids, he was heading off to work.
"I've got my suit in the car," the shorts-clad Murphy said.


this WC has had a huge benefit for football in the US and for the US NT

congratulations :)

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Thanks for the post Lupe.

JureM, I was going to start a new thread, but you captured what I was going to say. You're right. Don't say "wait till next time."

Savor this moment. It is unlikely that in our lifetimes we will have a team that we all will like as well as this one. What a great mix of veterans and 20 -year olds. How great to see Landon getting a piggy-back ride on Shrek Friedel ! Twenty years from now, (if I'm still able) we'll recall Mathis' Mohawk and special one-touch blast against Korea, DMB's bursts of speed leaving the best in the world in his dust, Reyna FINALLY stepping up big time and atoning for five earlier W/C games in his last two. We'll remember Friedel stopping TWO BS PK's. We will look back at JOB and Eddie Lewis, and say we never knew thee. McBride, you're a warrior. Tony Sanneh, what more can you have done? And for you guys that dis Goose, get over it. He was a great part of this team and gave it a soul when it need one. I like these guys and am PROUD!

We'll remember that we didn't get a PK of a German handball on the goal line and laugh that we didn't give one up on JOB's! We will ALWAYS REMEMBER that we whipped the whining Mexicans 2-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ! AND that when we walked off after time ran out against the lucky damn tall Germans we did it with class and pride.

Finally, we will always remember that we had one squirely-ass coach who kept everybody guessing the entire YEAR! He showed he knows as much about running a soccer team as anybody on the planet. Boy, will he roll the dice!

Hats off to all! Job well done. We love you guys! You gave us great joy!


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Oldplayer....well said.

You know, we lost today, we took it like men, and didn't complain...unlike other countries. People always say, "Ugly Americans," yet, never look at what they do. For example, the lack of class shown by the Mexicans after we beat them. No hand shake, no exchange of jersey's, just a walk off of the field....the Portegese hitting the ref.....the Italians blaming everybody in sight for their loss, yet, never blaming themselves for missed opporitunities....we left the field with our heads held high. Shaking hands, excahnging jersey's...

Here is a present for all of you on the board...save the pic maybe make a wallpaper out of it...

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Words cant describe how glad i am once again to be an American. Not once did the Nats show any kind of bad sportsmanship. They did not constantly dive and were never guilty of too hard of a foul. They showed the utmost class when teams continued to dive against them, commit bad fouls, get in their faces (blanco at least twice with pablo), and didnt once complain about the reff (the "handball" against germany was the stuff that causes some nations to riot). The US accomplished their main goal in this WC which was to show the world that they belonged and boy did they do that. They played with their hearts gave it everything they had. Hopefully the people that arent fans in the States will take notice.
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