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No offence to inzaghi but i dont think he is pulling his weight.
I say we sell Inzaghi, use kova, use the money to reinforce our defence.
say cannavaro :)

About Zizou, if he is leaving, we need another midfield general. I feel Figo might do the job.

If another striker or attacker is need in place of inzaghi, i say we aim for RECOBA!!!!!!!

he is oooooooooooozing with talent and is still very young. his flair, dribbling skills and ability to challenge the best defender will make him the perfect canditate for the juve line up next season.

Either way, INZAGHI must go.

your response????

Forza Juve

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It's good that people keep on reminding each other of how crap Pippo is. Crimson Eagle is 100% correct, we should buy someone like Recoba. He has everything unlike Pippo. Or even Crespo or Salas. Anyone is better than Pippo. Zizou is staying for sure as he has signed until 2005. We do need another defender like Nesta, Cannavaro or Thuram.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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