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England coach Kevin Keegan concluded his final press conference before leaving
for the Low Countries with a heartfelt call for support. He said:”Keep believing.
We’re going to try to win. We’re motivated. English players need public support
more than others.”

Keegan also called for his England stars to recreate the spirit of Euro ‘96 - and for
the fans to recreate its carnival atmosphere. The England coach has held talks
with Home Secretary Jack Straw about the spectre of hooliganism ruining
England's Euro 2000 campaign: "I had a really good conversation with Mr Straw
and we are both of same opinion. What I wanted was nothing to interfere with the
preparation of the team.”

The national coach repeated his appeal to fans for a trouble-free tournament. He
said: “I want to try to recreate the spirit of 96 both on and off the pitch. Particularly the Holland game which
England won 4-0 - if we can recreate that every fan will be pleased.”

"What we also want is to recreate the carnival atmosphere. We don't want people going over there and causing
trouble. We don't need that distraction, neither does the country. What we want, what the players want is a
trouble-free tournament."he added.

As far as injuries are concerned, Keegan reported a nearly-clean bill of health. Only skipper Alan Shearer and
full-back Gary Neville missed training today. The Newcastle striker has been struggling with the knee injury he
picked up against Malta on Saturday, although he will be fit enough to resume tomorrow. Neville is suffering
from blisters to his foot, although coach Kevin Keegan described the problem as `not serious'.

Keegan has plainly tired of the hype and psychological warfare. Invited to respond to the reported comments of
Portuguese coach Humberto Coelho that David Seaman and his defence are the weak spots in the England
team, he refused, saying: "Obviously they are looking at us from their point of view. We have done the same
and they have weaknesses as well as strengths.” He added that motivation would not be a problem in his
squad, saying: “Those words can be used to build a spirit and togetherness but I wouldn't say it will motivate
us. I would hope they cannot be motivated any more than they already are. This is a major tournament and
that should be enough. These comments can be used in evidence against certain teams if we think it is right.
But I do not want to get carried away. We just have to get on with it."

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Is this the Battle of the Razors?!?! :)

Portugal vs. England?!

Portugal will win 2-1. You heard it here first...

Forca Portugal!

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Hey cool name! :)

I'm afraid you got the score the wrong way around, 2-1 to England! :)

Three Lions on my Shirt!!!

I think it will be hard for England to recapture the Euro 96 spirit, because 1) it's not held in Engladn this time, and 2) England won't be playing at Wembley, where everything happened for England 4 years ago.

And BTW, Engladn defeated the Netherlands 4-1, not 4-0, we didn't see Scotland in the quaters did we?

And England face much tougher competition than 4 years ago, Switzerland and Scotland were both equally hopeless, and the Netherlands who were supposed to be a threat had their worst team since ever, in WC 90 they just stuffed up but had a world-class team.

Keegan calling for Spirit of euro 96? Well he better call for the spirit of Jesus Christ himself cuz not only has Portugal won but we's winning it all!!!!

Viva Portugal!
Viva Sporting clube de Portugal!
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