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Roy Keane dismissed - 24/05/2002

Roy Keane has been sent home from the World Cup by manager Mick McCarthy because the manager believed he was "a disruptive influence" within the squad.

A meeting between McCarthy and his former captain to clear the air after an eventful 48 hours descended into a "slanging match" according to the manager, and he had no alternative but to send the midfielder home.

The affair blew up on Wednesday morning after it emerged Keane had asked to be left out of the squad for "personal reasons." The manager was left with no alternative but to allow the player to leave, but Keane had a change of heart overnight.

However, on Thursday morning, he gave an interview to The Irish Times in which he criticised the FAI, Ireland's World Cup preparations and also undermined his teammates.

"There has been an uneasy feeling around the place for a few days. I called a meeting. I got everyone together because I felt it was important to air any grievances among the players or staff. I asked anybody to make their comments and unfortunately it became a slanging match. I cannot and will not tolerate being spoken to with that level of abuse being thrown at me so I sent him home," McCarthy told a shocked press corp in Japan.

"As a player, a coach, and a person I will not tolerate the things he said to me. This is a huge decision but I am happy to go to the World Cup one man down rather than with a man who shows utter disregard and disrespect for me."

Flanked by senior squad members, Niall Quinn, Alan Kelly and new captain Steve Staunton, the manager insisted that the decision was the correct one.

"I did it with the best interests of the team at heart when I said he should go home. We all know his ability but when he makes a public and open show of his opinions and makes such public criticism everybody starts talking about it.

McCarthy also defended his decision to bring the team to Saipan in preparation for the World Cup, something Keane criticised in an interview in The Irish Times on Thursday.

"All the players here have a had a great time relaxing but maybe Roy has missed the point. This is a weight off my mind. I came here to enjoy the World Cup and I was stopping enjoying it. But from tomorrow I am going to start enjoying it again.

"You don't see too many complaints from anyone else here. But sometimes Roy sees the world through his eyes only."

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I thought this deserved it's own thread. I cannot believe it, I really never saw this comming after we qualified! :depress: He has no one to blame but himself. If we win he will be even more ****ted...
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