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After talks woth his Arsenal-manager Arsene Wenger, the African footballer of the year 1999, decided not to go to the Olympics in Sydney. This is what Wenger claims.

First I want to see if this is true and if it is, it's a shame. I don't think it's fair of Arsenal to put such pressure on a player. It is a big loss not only for the Nigerian national team, but for the Olympic footbal tournament in general.

It possibly is, but then there are many other players who but club before country. Wether it's a friendly or the Olympic games.
One one hand Kanu should go, he's not a starting line-up player anyway at Arsenal.
On the other hand, there is a possibility Nigeria could fail miserably and that must be very frustrating for Kanu then, when instead he could have been playing for Arsenal. :)
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