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Source: uefa.com

AC Milan's attacking midfield player Kaká was in the uefa.com chat room on Thursday 9 December. Read his answers to your questions below.

Good evening everybody, we are very pleased to welcome Kaká!

Kaká: Hello everybody, let's have the first question!

Ronaldo_9: Hey Kaká :). How are you? Which team will you prefer to play against in the 1/8 finals?

Kaká: We're doing quite well, it's been a great season and the only difference from last year is we're in second place in Serie A. In a tournament like the [UEFA] Champions League you just can't choose your opponent.

nazgul73: What do you think about Milan's attack this year?

Kaká: We've got [Andriy] Shevchenko playing well, almost on the verge of winning the Golden Boot, [Hernán] Crespo getting better every day and don't forget [Filippo] Inzaghi is coming back. We are waiting for him.

Zlatan: Hey Kaká, could you tell me why you decided to go to Milan in particular? Because there are many Brazilian players?

Kaká: Having Brazilians there was a plus point, but when I was playing in Brazil I set my mind on joining a team in Europe that could challenge for titles. Besides, I didn't choose Milan, they made the best proposal.

PortugueseSoccer: Hey Kaká... I was just wondering what team you think is the biggest threat in the Champions League?
dapondi: Which team you predict can take the Champions League?
Forza Milan !!!!: Which team do you fear the most for the UEFA Champions League?

Kaká: Fear? We don't fear anybody. The traditionally strong sides like Juventus, FC Internazionale Milano, the English sides like Manchester United [FC], Real Madrid [CF] are always the favourites. Of course there can always be surprises but we hope at the end of the day we will lift that trophy.

The Dutch Oskar: Which player do you think will win the Golden Ball? Ronaldinho, [Thierry] Henry or Shevchenko?

Kaká: We always support our friends naturally, and I've got two: Ronaldinho and Shevchenko. Henry has had a fantastic season but I'm sticking up for my friends!

tirbouille: Hello. Do you think that Milan can win this Champions League?

Kaká: It's possible, of course, but remember last year when we were the best example of how this competition can be so unpredictable. We just hope it's not going to happen again.

dgtal: Which position do you like playing best at Milan? As a striker or as an attacking midfielder?

Kaká: I like to play as a connecting player between the midfield and attack, which is my position in the national team and for Milan too.

Raess: What are your favourite tricks/dribbling moves

Kaká: My runs, I love to carry the ball forward, that's my favourite trick!

nrokh: What do you feel Milan has to improve on during this year in order to attain success?

Kaká: At the beginning of the season, we were lacking a bit of trust and shine, but now we seem to be finding our best form, and I believe we will reach our top level soon.

relka: Which is more important for Kaká: the Champions League or the Scudetto?

Kaká: The Champions League, because I've already won the Scudetto, but also because it's a competition with great tradition. It's the most important competition after the World Cup.

chin0304: What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite artist at the moment?

Kaká: Gospel music. I'm listening to Switch Foot and Sonic Flood.

Forza Milan !!!!: What do you think about Carlos Ancelotti?

Kaká: He's a fantastic coach and a case of somebody who was very successful as a player and also as a manager.

PortugueseSoccer: Kaká who is your favourite player in soccer right now and who is your favourite soccer player of all time

Kaká: For current players, I like a lot of players like Ronaldo, [Zinedine] Zidane, Cafu, [Paolo] Maldini, but my all-time favourite is Rai, a player I used to watch when I was a youngster in São Paolo and to whom I was compared early in my career because of my playing style.

Adnan Kapic: What are you doing when you don't play football?

Kaká: I love playing golf, Ronaldo taught me how to play and it's addictive! Apart from that I like to go out to have dinner, to the theatre or cinema in Milan.

Rron: Kaká, do you think Milan has a chance of winning the Scudetto and the Champions League this year?

Kaká: That's our expectation, but I know it's a very difficult thing to do. History proves that but I kind of fancy the idea.

ionutz: Kaká what is the final that you see on this season of UEFA Champions League?

Kaká: It's difficult.. let's say Milan against somebody else!

van kasten: Would you prefer to play the next Champions League match before at home or away?

Kaká: I'd like to play the first match away, because regardless of the result in the first match there is always an extra pressure for the opponent in the second match.

maldini_lazaros: Hello Kaká. Do you believe that Brazil will win the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany??

Kaká: People always expect us to win, and we always believe we can win. That's always our spirit.

chin0304: Kaká, Brazil have an exciting future with players like Diego, Robinho and yourself, do you think that Brazil can continue to be the best footballing nation in the world?

Kaká: I see Brazil as a great producer of talent. We've got all those names, but we have been producing fantastic generations for ages. From Zico and Socrates in 1982 to Diego and Robinho now.

seb: I would love to see you play with Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Adriano (for Brazil) - has this happened before?

Kaká: We never played together at the same time, but it's an excellent combination that everyone including myself would love to see play.

pcri: Juventus against Milan is approaching. What are your expectations for the match?

Kaká: We need to reduce the gap with Juventus before the end of the year. There are two matches and we can try to get ahead of them or a point behind.

paul: What is your favourite moment in your career so far?

Kaká: It varies. Last year was amazing, by winning the Italian league, but how can I leave aside that I was part of the World Cup winning squad.

soccerking7: Kaká, when you were a youngster where, why and when did you start playing football?

Kaká: I used to play just for fun and for fitness but when I reached 14 I realised I could carry on and that's how it started.

Forza Milan !!!!: What is it like for a Brazilian to live in Milan?

Kaká: It's a great city, especially because it looks so much like São Paolo, the city where I was brought up. It's not difficult at all.

00960743: What is your personal favourite style of play?

Kaká: I like an open game with a lot of passes, a lot of touches, that's why I love derbies because big teams tend not to hide themselves like some smaller sides do.

Ronaldo_9: Which is the most beautiful stadium that you have played at?

Kaká: The San Siro is beautiful and so is the Camp Nou, but I also was pretty impressed by Parkhead when we played Celtic [FC].

Forza Milan !!!!: How would you describe the Italian football compared to the Brazilian football?

Kaká: The Italians are much tougher and more tactical. Brazilian football is more open and technical.

Dinu: What is your favourite number on the shirt?

Kaká: I've never cared about that much, but I kind of like the number 8, because that was the shirt I used to wear in São Paolo. I played in the World Cup with 23 and with Milan in 22, so I don't mind.

Dinu: What were you most disappointed about in your football carrier?

Kaká: Our elimination at the hands of [RC Deportivo] La Coruña last year.

YAnkoloviskiA F IFY: What is the best goal you scored and you have never forgotten?

Kaká: There are a few. A goal scored in Brazil against a São Paolo side called Juventus when I took the ball from the middle of the field into the net. The one I scored against Empoli [FC] last season from 30 metres.

Forza Milan !!!!: What are your best striker qualities?

Kaká: It's my awareness of the game, my vision.

evinrude: You came to Milan last year as an unknown player, after one year you are loved by every Milan supporter and your face is everywhere in Milan with the Armani advertisement, how do you feel? And how were the changes?

Kaká: I feel happy, but prepared to face my responsibilities. Having responsibilities is wonderful in life because it makes you grow up and makes you a better person.

Dinu: What kind of goals do you like more: sole intrusions, nice combinations or distance shots?

Kaká: I love the nice combinations. It's something that comes with the Brazilian style. It's nice to touch the ball, to involve the opponents.

Dinu: Have you ever tried to play in other positions?

Kaká: I used to play in a more defensive position in midfield, or as a striker. In this case it still happens at Milan, that I play as a striker.

paul: Which fellow Milan player do you get on with the most?

Kaká: The Brazilians obviously, Shevchenko is someone I hang around a lot with. The environment in Milan is fantastic. Everyone talks a lot to each other.

Thank you very much Kaká, a word to conclude?

Kaká: It's been a pleasure, a big hug to everybody, please support Milan and let's all help to eradicate hunger from the world.

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ilgenio said:
YAnkoloviskiA F IFY: What is the best goal you scored and you have never forgotten?

Kaka: There are a few. A goal scored in Brazil against a São Paolo side called Juventus when I took the ball from the middle of the field into the net.
The one I scored against Empoli [FC] last season from 30 metres.

thanks ilgenio.:thmbup:

it's great to know that in Brazil there's also a team called juventus, and more importantly, our beloved Kaka had scored a beuaty against them. :star:

Will the history 'repeat' itself in the city Turin? :heart: with Kaka scoring a splendid goal to decide the game? :eekani: ;)

FORZA KAKA:stuckup:
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