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In the worst of times is very good to be able to laugh at one's own misery. There's no other way out.

#Soccer of Undernet has shaped a lot my football personality. I had to develop this careless, defying, agressive persona as a consequence of the constant attacks, jokes, humiliations, trashing done to me because my love for Inter.

While the majority of nerazurri there left to other servers to never be seem, I have stay or (stayed :D will I be back?? ) there the longest, and very vocal defending Inter in Every possible manner.

Guys there just wait for any single to go bad for Internazionale, and celebrate it, any little blemish to us, they enjoy it as it was heaven.

Yesterday after Juventus won they changed the topic of the channel, and it was :

'' Juventus wins the scudetto. Godfatha (Godfather, my nick :tongue: ) Lifts the plastic Scudetto. Besides the fact that the scudetto is not a trophy, so there was no way I could had lift it; I found it hilarious, like picturing myself lifting a fake trophy as a sign of denial :D :D or frustration after our latest traumatic events.

I'm still laughing at my and our luck as fan while shaking my head as well, and smiling some more.:)
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