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Juventus will crack under pressure

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HAHAHA Juve are known to NOT buckle under pressure. So watch.
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This was a big blow for Juventus. They are under all the pressure in the world now. I've been talking to a Juventus supporter and his confidence in Juve is lost. He thinks there slow and cant play for crap. Even though they coming first and he would still say that. That is a big sign that the supporters are not confident

I think that Amo's Parma will rise to the occasion to keep their Cl hopes alive and beat juve 2-1

Still Bologna will be hard but we can do it

I seriously dont think Juve will loose because of pressure. The game vs Verona would habe been very hard for any team. Verona have been extremely hard to beat lately.

juve will lose control under the heavy presure they have onn their backs now ..its really heavy
Juve will fall under pressure, exactly as they did against Inter after losing 2 games, right.

This is Juve we are talking about man. A team with experianced players (ZZ,DP, Conte,..) not young players. They can handle the pressure believe me. Did the big loss against Celta effect them, NO. Against Lazio, NO. Against Milan, NO. Against Veron, NOOOOOO.

I don't think Juve will be under too much pressure.But they sometimes are in difficulties about scoring.
Parma is a good team and they need points.It will be a good match and both of them can win.
There can be 3 possibilites at that game : JUVE WINS, A DRAW or PARMA WINS
So , draw and Parma's win will be enough for us.It seems our chance is : % 66
P.S : Dobbiam fare nuovi canzoni sullo scudetto !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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