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Juventus in Euro2000

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If Van Der Sar, Zidane, Davids, Montero and Kovacevic were italians, they would for sure have been in the squad for Italys Euro2000. So the whole Italian team would have been Juventus+Maldini and Nesta.

Who`s best ???
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This is an extremely interesting topic I think. Yeah, who is the best?

Club teams very seldom play national teams, it usually only happens in silly tournaments. A club team lives and trains together for 8-9 months a year while the national team only gets to gather for maybe 1-2 months, and in the bigger countries with a great number of different players. This should mean that clubs have a number of advantages over national teams. But on the other hand, when you take the best players from a country like Italy, they really should be able to perform some great football. But I don't think they have lately. And tournaments differ from leauges, anything can really happen. In Serie A just a few teams actually can win lo Scudetto, but in a tournament teams with less
known players can win a couple of matches and good teams may thus get eliminated in early stages. There are so many examples of this. Juve in the Uefa-cup this year, Sweden in WC -94, Spain in -98, Denmark in -98, all Italian teams in Europe his year. Also, players from some countries seem to overperform in the national team. Examples could be all Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), maybe Turkey, Iran and similar nations, while other underperform Spain, Holland etc.

I think that Juve would have a good chance in Euro 2000, but would they perform well against Spain and Holland you think? Those teams can attack in high speed and plays well all over the pitch.

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Well, I have said it before and I will say it again:

The team that has most starplayers is not necessarily the best team. You have to build a team, not just gather starplayers. Sometimes some of the teams seems to forget that......
Barnbip you are absolutely right.The team of stars is not a star team...
Forza Juve!Forza Italia!
But having star players helps building a star team. Now people who say Juve have no star players have problems. Zidane, Davids, Del Piero, Montero, Iuliano, Van der Sar, Zambrotta, Tacchinardi etc... are all top players who would geta game at any other club.

True, CUG, these are all star players as well. But I think the difference is that most of them weren't star players when Juve bought them! Ofcourse they already were good, but they've gotten real big while being at Juve!
We have 11 or more players who is going to EC. Same has Galatasaray, so the papers say, and it's perfectly right. As they said: "Juventus and Galatasaray best in EC!"

We and Galatasaray are the only teams that can line up 11 men in the EC! :)

Back to the original question if the following were Italian:

Van Der Sar - Third choice keeper who would have been promoted to 2nd spot with Buffon's injury. But still behind the top two and a possible battle with Peruzzi if he showed interest in the NT.

Zidane - No doubt, it would solve many of our woes in the current midfield.

Davids - See comment above.

Montero - I could see him as a reserve, probably replacing Iuliano or *****. Can't see him beating Nesta, Cannavaro or Maldini.

Kovacevic - Definitely my choice over Delvecchio. Would be helpful with Vieri's injury. Due to their end of season form, I would pick Signori or Chiesa over Darko.

The one Juventino who is Italian and should have been called is Tacchinardi. His forcefullness in midfield is needed.
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