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Juve scudetto ????!!!!!!!

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What do you think about who will get the scudetto ??
Do you think Juventus could defeat Perugia ???!!!! I hope they couldn't ... I prefer to have play off between Juventus and Lazio. So there will be really great match to won the scudetto!! :D
:) What do you think ????!!!!!

hello everyone!!!!!!!
send me a message.
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Well, if Juve plays against Lazio on Play off game, it will be hard. Remember that Lazio can beat Juve 1-0 on Delle Alpi ? But, If Juve beat Perugia, I think, no one will admit that Juve win scudetto cause of the Scandal ( on Juve-Parma game ).

Forza JUVE !!!
A play off would be great , think about the publicity Serie A would get.
If it came to a play-off game everybody would just have to accept that the winner deserved it, which is obviously the best for posterity and reputation.
having said that I'll have NO problems with Juve lifting lo scudetto at Perugia.
And I'm positively certain we will :).

If Juve played the way they played against Parma they will definetely defeat Perugia and lift Lo Scudetto.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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