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what is the estimates value of any of Juve players?(not the buying price)
(in Million US dollars)
My estimates:

Van Der Sar 8.5
Rampula 0.5
Isaksson ?
Montero 12
Ferrara 3
Juliano 9
Mirkovic 3
Tudor 5
Pessotto 7
Birindeli 7
Oliseh 9
Tacchinardi 15
Bachini 8
Conte 5
Davids 25
Zambrotta 20
Zidane 30
Maresca 6
Del Piero 45
Inzaghi 0
Kovacevic 25
Esnaider 8
Fonseca 2

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CUG's list certainly is the more realistic one. Generally I think some of the "no-name" players such as Pessotto and Bachini would command larger transfer fees, but it's difficult to say, as most of the non-stars would only leave as a part of other trades, thus propably diminishing their value.
If for instance Inter came along and said: WE WANT PESSOTTO, Juve would try to make a deal for Recoba or even Vieri, and if Inter declined Juve COULD say: OK Pessotto costs 10-12 mil.$. He's an Italian international (regular) with loads of experience and he's no more than 27-28 years old. It all depends on the condition of the deal in question. Value would be higher if the deal was done with another Italian topteam than with a foreign one etc. etc..


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Inzaghi is worth a bit more than that I am sure.

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These are more like it: These are normal australian dollars because i am from australia:

Van Der Sar 20.0 (one of th worlds best keepers)
Rampula 1.0 (at least)
Isaksson 0.500 (not even that)
Montero 14.0 (one of best defenders in the world)
Ferrara 5.0 (old but still very good)
Iuliano 12.0 (probably worth more, big clubs will pay more)
Mirkovic 4.0 (still young,26, is a good player)
Tudor 5 ( young and good defender this season)
Pessotto 7 (proved it this season)
Birindeli 7 (would get a game any other club)
Oliseh 18 (Nigerias capatin, enough said.)
Tacchinardi 20 (proved himself this season)
Bachini 8 (still a good winger, would get a game at other clubs)
Conte 15 (older now but proved this season)
Davids 35 to 40 (Enough said, probably more)
Zambrotta 20 ( absolute young gun)
Zidane 35 to 40 (same as Davids)
Maresca 3 (still has to prove himself)
Del Piero 45 to 50( enough said)
Inzaghi (to me he is worth nothing but to others 41.3 and Anelka plus 22)
Kovacevic 25 (proved himself both in Spain and Italy)
Esnaider 5 (if he is lucky but he isnt)
Fonseca 2 ( if a team was stupid enough)

So we have plenty of players worth money but then again it is up to the team buying.


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And did that Nigerian captain get a call for the Nigerian NT ??? Captain without a team ???? ;)

I remember I read somewhere on juventus.com that he wasnt called for the NT..

CUG your list is much more realistic...
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